VTPL - Mining Solution

VTPL provides comprehensive IT solutions for the mining industry leveraging a 15 years long domain experience. VTPL also provides system integration solutions to Coal India, the world’s largest coal company.

Our partnership encompasses all IT solutions which includes internet of things, mine planning, production optimization, energy optimization, safety business intelligence and mobility alongside open pit mining technology which is responsible for leading solutions and services for production optimization and fleet management..

Our Partners..

Two of VTPL’s key partnerships are with Wenco Mining Systems and ABB. Wenco and VTPL partner to deliver leading solutions for fleet management, production, optimization, high-precision machine guidance, real time asset health monitoring, dispatch operations and maturity improvement services.   
ABB’s mine planning software, MineScape, delivers integrated solutions for coal and underground mining operations. It delivers extensive geologic modeling and mine-design functionality.   
Other key partnerships include SmartCap Technologies who is VTPL’s exclusive offering for fatigue monitoring technologies. SmartCap Technologies fatigue monitoring wearable is designed to measure the alertness of heavy vehicle operators based on direct physiological measurement instead of estimation through measures of related symptoms.    
Immersive Technologies is VTPL’s primary supplier of mining training simulators. As the global leader in development and deployment of equipment simulators, Immersive Technologies has deployed solutions in over 40 countries while working closely with resource operations and equipment manufacturers to solve real industry problems with regards to safety, productivity, skilled personnel availability and reactive maintenance.   
VTPL’s rugged computer requirements are met by Octagon Systems. Octagon Systems are a global leader in rugged systems and have custom built computing solutions for VTPL and the world’s most extreme environments. Their primary focus lies in OEMs, software integrators, system integrators requiring modular solutions which integrate easily with world-class safety, asset management and operations software.   
VTPL has Motium Smart Solutions provide them their rugged touch monitor, rugged panel PC and Vehicle computing solutions.   
All of VTPL’s wireless broadband needs are met by Cambium Networks. Cambium Networks provide end-to-end lifecycle management through affordable connectivity and being used in over 150 countries.   
VTPL’s exclusive fuel management partner is Omnicomm. Leveraging 18 years of experience in transport telematics, Omnicomm’s proprietary solutions for fuel consumption monitoring makes them an industry standard Telematics provider. Nearly 110 countries use over 800,000 vehicles equipped with Omnicomm products.   

Unique Offering..

VTPL’s specialized web based mining reporting system (MRS), reflects the company’s innovative and cutting edge approach to creating value and revenue for their partners. The MRS solution helps the mining industry maintain operational transaction data like OB and Coal production, Drilling and Blasting, Excavator and Pump utilization, Road Sale, Push Beam & Repair Push Beam etc. while generating reports. MRS comes with a Management Information System report section for generating special reports on resource management. The system is being fully implemented in the mining industry for high benefits.

VTPL’s partnership with Fuller Brothers (USA) works towards reducing operational cost of the mining industry via Tire Life, a premium liquid formula used to benefit commercial fleet management clients. A notable advantage of this method is the drastic reduction of labor costs due to a decrease in tire dismounting time.

Mining industry specific testing and measuring instruments are also part of VTPL’s product portfolio. The entire portfolio can be leveraged to predict maintenance such as vibration monitoring, shaft alignment, insulation testing, power quality and many more.