VTPL - Mining Solution

VTPL is an IT solution provider for the mining industry posses a 15 years long domain knowledge. Also, it is a System Integrator to Coal India, the world’s largest coal company, providing all IT solutions including one with an open pit mining technology that delivers leading solutions and services for fleet management and production optimization.

The company’s aim is to be able to collaborate with the world’s leading technology suppliers in the mining industry and primarily focus on its customer relationships. The scalability, local customization and integration of products are VTPL’s greatest strengths. This allows the company to position products and services that are beneficial for both their clients as well as the environment surrounding them.

VTPL’s biggest mining partner is Wenco Mining Systems. Together the companies deliver leading solutions for fleet management, production optimization, high-precision machine guidance, real time asset health monitoring, dispatch operations maturity improvement services. Furthermore, Wenco Mining provides production tracking solution (Wencolite) for small quarry to meet ever growing needs of the company’s clients.

Another major partner of VTPL is ABB’s flagship Mine Planning Software. The product MineScape delivers integrated solutions for coal and metalliferous deposits, and underground mining operation. It delivers extensive geologic modelling and mine-design functionality. All Mines cape products are completely integrated and provide multi-user access to a single data source in a network environment. Each plug-in performs a specific range of data processing and mine planning functions.

To make available a one stop solution provider to the mining industry VTPL has tied up with Octagon systems to supply innovative hardware as the difficult environmental conditions demands the most durable computers. Octagon is trusted by some of the largest and most profitable global surface pit mining operations.

VTPL has developed a Web based Mining Reporting System (MRS), a specialized software solution for the mining industry to maintain daily operational transaction data like OB and Coal production, Drilling and Blasting, Excavator & Pump utilization, Road Sale, High Wall Operator & Maintenance, Push Beam & Repair Push Beam etc. and generates all normal reports. The software has also a Management Information System (MIS) report section which generates special reports for the management to control their Man and Machine. The software is already using by mining industry and getting the benefits.

To add value and to reduce operational cost of mining industry VTPL has also partnered with Fuller Brothers of USA to provide Tire Life®, a premium liquid formula used to benefit all clients that manage commercial fleets. When added to a tire’s air chamber, Tire Life® protects tires and eliminates wheel/rim loss from scale and pitting, while improving air retention through its sealing qualities. A notable advantage of this method is the drastic reduction of labor costs as tire dismounting time is decreased.

VTPL’s product portfolio also includes testing and measuring instruments from Fluke® which cater to the mining industry. These test instruments are predominantly used to predict maintenance like vibration monitoring, shaft alignment, insulation testing, power quality, battery tester and many more...