VTPL - Power Solution

VTPL has partnered with ABB, who is the global leader for IT solutions, power and automation technologies, to develop solutions which improve the efficiency, productivity and quality. The company tries minimizing environmental impact while doing so. VTPL’s professionals ensure that the services are tailored as per the client’s distinct business, financial and IT environment needs. VTPL is a pioneer as a complete IT solution provider for the power industry. It is providing services to their high end customers such as Starware.

VTPL’s highly skilled software development team has developed software known as “Integrated Raw Material Management System” (IRMMS). It’s an integrated software for biomass power organization to manage its weighing operation, maintaining good receipt procedure, stock maintenance and management of payment procedure. The software is unique by its nature of capturing weight from a digital weighing machine and an auto calculation of reduction for a difference in quality. Furthermore, the solution takes charge of the security measures at different level of these operations.