JIS - Infrastructure & Networking Solutions

Technology is on the rise and “smart” devices have moulded the way we live, work, play and most importantly learn. With IoT (Internet of Things) inching its way closer into existence on a daily basis, it has become imperative for educational institutions to have IT technology, even to carry on the daily curriculum.

Here is a case study where Vareli Technac Pvt Ltd, being one of the leading IT service and solutions providers of India, helped to set up the IT infrastructure of the JIS Group of Colleges and University. Being one of their preferred vendors, we supplied end-to-end computing and networking solutions, along with HPCs (High Performance Computing), and security and surveillance solutions to all the 21 colleges of the JIS Group.

Equipment, Service and Solutions Provided to the JIS Group

We, JIS Group has been in an association with Vareli Technac for our IT related hardware’s requirements. Their quality products and commendable customer service assists us in smoothly carrying out our work and contributes in our student’s learning process. They have always ensured us with the relevant products suiting our requirements while ensuring a timely delivery of all deliverables.

Mr. Simarpreet Singh JIS Group