CloudReduce IT costs while gaining Instant Scalability, Business Continuity, Data Security and Workplace Mobility with the most up-to-date Cloud Solutions.

Why Vareli?

 Knowledge and experience of Data Centre and HPC solution help us in providing optimal cloud service as per your requirement and government rules.

 Certified and skilled professionals for multi-layer security design, helps to identify and prevent bottle necks for hybrid infrastructure.

 Design team have skill and experience to suggest which data type to be backed up, where and how, depending upon the privacy and importance of the data, as per the client.

 Dedicated 24/7 support with the support software tracking resolution and clauses.

Optimize Costs

Pay-as-you-go cloud services, allow for accurate cost predictions for individual resources and services through consumption-based model, in order to reduce CapEx & OpEx costs.


Flexibility and accessibility of business resources effectively increase employee productivity. Data backup and disaster recovery ensures business continuity by keeping productivity unharmed, in case of crisis situations.

Constantly Connected

Cloud computing enables employees to continuously stay connected via several devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops, regardless of being in or out of the workplace. It allows for better accessibility of resources by eliminating time-consuming and unsecure data process. This creates a more streamlined method for employees to remain connected.

Global Scaling

Scaling is the ability for an IT resource to handle growing or decreasing demands in a capable manner. It is one of the most popular and beneficial features of cloud computing, as businesses can scale up or down to meet demands based on season, projects, growth and more. In a scalable cloud, resources like Storage and Computing Power can be added easily to an existing account.


Robust data encryptions within cloud-based security systems have substantially reduced the possibilities of data breaches. These solutions offer a layered approach that consists of security intelligence, key management, and secure access controls.

Collaborating Simplified

Cloud collaboration technology such as Universal user access, IP voice and video, Single number reach, and unified messaging among others, offer a wide range of user-centric features that transform the collaboration experience.


Vareli Tecnac had a very specific and to-the-point solution for increasing the business’s operational efficiency. Implementation of Microsoft 365 not only seamlessly migrated our old mailing system to the new solution, but made our daily operations more efficient.

Agrim International Pvt Ltd Owner/Director