Fatigue Monitoring – Smart Cap

About 2/3rd of the accidents happening in the mining and transportation industry are due to driver fatigue or micro sleeps. To enable drivers, manage their fatigue and to eliminate the risk of micro sleeps, Vareli Technac Pvt Ltd has partnered with Smartcap Technologies, to provide one of the most effective fatigue monitoring solutions, which provides real-time alertness measurements. The digitisation of the whole process, provides the data required for effective monitoring. This not only helps to reduce accidents, but also decreases the operational costs to increase the overall productivity and profitability.

Real Time Fatigue Monitoring:

The solution provides accurate and real-time fatigue monitoring, so that drivers are able to manage their micro sleeps.

Wearable Technology:

The effective monitoring is done through wearable devices, making the solution user friendly and effective for the drivers.

Earliest Detection of Fatigue:

The solution is laboratory tested and field validated to ensure early and accurate detection of fatigue.  

Actionable Insights Based on Data:

The customizable dashboard, accessible only to the central admin, provides multiple real time alertness data, so that individual employee assistance can be taken at the earliest.

Effective Fatigue Risk Management:

Analytics, driver wise fatigue report and comprehensive range of operational data is provided for efficient risk management.