InfrastructureDriving Digital Empowerment of Businesses Through Sustainable, Cutting-edge, Innovative and Effective IT Solutions, Tailored for Specific Requirements

Latest Technology from OEMs

Tailored to work at an optimal level, having the latest technology from OEMs is one of the biggest advantages of IT infrastructure. It also reduces cost and facilitates asset deployment, while increasing efficiency.

Boost Productivity

A robust IT architecture plays a major role in connecting departments and streamlining processes, which are important steps for fostering agility. It also frees up existing IT resources by automating routine processes.

Strengthen Network

This age of information means one thing: Data as infrastructure is just as critical as physical infrastructure. A well-built and secure data center provides the space, power, cooling and technical support required to ensure that `all the data is safe from non-user accessibility and cyber-crimes.

End-To-End Service Management

For enterprises, the rapidly expanding implementation of today’s technology creates unique and critical business challenges. Improve business efficiency, solve critical challenges and get higher returns on IT investment, with end-to-end management and maintenance of critical IT equipment.

Scale More Easily

Save the hassle of purchasing new equipment and configuring servers every time there is a requirement of expanding services. Cloud services are flexible and allows to scale the infrastructure both vertically and horizontally with minimal effort, and impact on the business.

Maximize Revenue

An optimized IT infrastructure helps to maximize revenue through data management, adopting and adapting to the emerging technologies, all supporting increased interoperability, collaboration, efficiency, and productivity, while lowering your TCO.

We, JIS Group has been in an association with Vareli Technac for our IT related hardware’s requirements. Their quality products and commendable customer service assists us in smoothly carrying out our work and contributes in our student’s learning process. They have always ensured us with the relevant products suiting our requirements while ensuring a timely delivery of all deliverables.

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