OperationsGet Financial and Sales Visibility with Multi-perspective Analysis ReportsIdentify the best performing products, sales person and customer profitability with compact reports


Increase Profitability By Identifying Top and Bottom-Line Sales Personnel

Seamless identification of the best performing sales personnel through flawless trend analysis.

Real-time Sales Order Update

Auto-update of the Sales Order status on the dashboards of the sales force, eliminating any risk of communication gap.

Automatic Profit Margin Calculation

Hassle free product cost determination with the help of automatic profit margin calculation against sell price and purchase price.

Determine Profitable Segments Through Various Business Profitability Reports

Identify financially profitable sectors with the help of auto generated profitability reports, from different business perspectives.

Multi-Featured Master Module for Effective Vendor Registration and Consequent Approval

Vendor details entry in the master module, subject to system registration post approval from customizable hierarchy.

Ease Monitoring Process with Single Purchase Order Generation

Track and monitor vendor purchases easily with single Purchase Order generation, against multiple Order Codes (Sales Order).

Effective Product and Vendor Categorisation with the help of Vendor History

Easy vendor selection and pricing negotiation with the help of item history, last purchase history, vendor categorization etc.

Minimize Human Error with the Purchase Pricing Security Feature

Eliminate scope of human error with the purchase pricing security feature, where vendor purchase cannot be made at a rate higher than the approved purchase price.