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GeneralWritten By: Sreeparna Sarkar

Ever wondered that all that we experience starting from our emotions, thoughts, and beliefs are constantly being influenced by a set of universal forces or energy? Have you ever heard the term “Law of Attraction?”

Even though most of us are unaware of it, the power of the "Law of Attraction" is influencing our lives in a way that we can never imagine.

As human being, we hold energies in the form of thoughts, beliefs, and emotions, which may be positive or negative. Consciously or unconsciously, we are creating our reality every day or every moment and creating our future with our thoughts because human beings are always in a constant state of creation. 

Now, to attract same level of energy, we need to learn how to become that energy ourselves. Once we harness the energy that is already within us in forms of our thoughts and emotions, we are able to raise high-level vibration to attract the energy we desire. Because energy is something that can never be created or destroyed even – we can only attract.  

What is Energy? 

But what is energy? Where does it come from? 

Albert Einstein once said, “Everything is energy and that is all there is.” Believe it or not, it is the energy that is holding everything together. 

Be it solid, liquid, or gas - energy is everywhere. Every creature on this planet transmits energy at a certain frequency. We, the human beings are no exception. The energy that this Universe has filled in us flows through our emotions, thoughts, and beliefs. 

Everything starts with us. We attract people, things, and situations to ourselves by the magnetic vibrations emanating from our bodies and minds. The energy that we transmit into the world, we receive it back in other forms as we move through the days.  

How do we become the Energy we want? 

Once we change our overall perception of life and let go of all the negative beliefs and thoughts, our energy will change, so that we can attract things we want. Reaching our goals starts with attracting energy that is more positive. It is natural for the environment and the people around us to absorb our positive thoughts, beliefs, and feelings.  

We can only develop negative energy if we constantly think about the worst. If, in a workplace, we never show optimism, we always blame others, or we continually put ourselves down, we are de-motivating ourselves as well as our teammates.

Embracing positive situations means focusing on the positive, realizing the best will come, trying to come up with solutions instead of complaining, understanding rather than being angry. While it may be difficult at first, if we constantly change how we think and see the world, we will attract events that are more positive in life.

Energy as a Choice: 

Energy – positive or negative – always floats along with us through the course of life. If things are going according to our plan, we stay happy. Yet whenever things go awry and things do not go according to plan, we tend to think that life is miserable and victimize either ourselves or someone else. 

Being passive observers, we are so consumed in the act of victimizing that we often forget that everything in this universe begins with us. We determine where our life will go with our thoughts, behaviours, and habits every single day. We always have the choice to use our energy to grow our vision. The moment we stop playing the victim, a new space opens up that allows us to heal and recreate our vibration to attract the energy we invite.

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