Simulator Training

Reduce risk, cost and unscheduled maintenance, while increasing trainer efficiency and productivity

Range Of Mining Simulator Training Offered

Motion Simulator Training

    Highly realistic replicas of actual mining equipment

    Instruments and controls look, feel and operate as they do in the actual mining vehicle

    Training accommodates wide variety of programming to incorporate the movements of various earth moving equipment

    This feature gives operators in-depth machine knowledge

Non-Motion Simulator Training

    An immersive experience in non-motion simulator training

    High clarity resolution for effective learner retention

    Realistic and dynamic view for depth perception

    Optimal screen height for uninterrupted training environment

Achieve Highest Productivity Level By Training And Up-Skilling Equipment Operators

Practice For Emergency Situations

The training allows operators to practice for a range of emergency situations, many of which are too dangerous to test in an actual mine. Operators can also be assessed for the proper technique more quickly and accurately than the traditional approach.

Increase The Overall Safety Of The Mine

Within the often hazardous mining industry, simulation Training has gained recognition as a significant method of increasing site safety and profitability through improved operator skill and knowledge.

Reduce Brake Abuse And Improve Equipment Life

Improving operator technique with simulators has delivered proven results including longer tire life, reduced spot time, reduced brake abuse, improvements in fuel use, reduction in engine over speeds and more.

Increase Effectiveness Of Operators

Simulation training has been proven to reduce risk, cost, unscheduled maintenance, increase trainer effectiveness and efficiency while maximizing mine productivity.