Fuel Management System

Reduce waiting time and get the trucks fuelled as fast as possible

Optimize Vehicle Utilization Based On Fuel Consumption Trends

Know Fuel Economy Inside-Out

Receive detailed fuel economy data based on the frequency of your choice. Easily identify when fuel consumption is higher than expected, signalling potential maintenance or driving behaviour issues.

Reduce Fuel Theft

Constant GPS monitoring and fuel level monitoring helps to report fuel consumption, date, time, location of the vehicle and the distance covered and also assists in identifying fuel theft or drainage, thereby reducing fuel pilferage.

Capacitive Sensor Integration

The application is integrated with capacitive fuel level sensors, known for their accurate fuel readings.

Prevent Fuel Fraud

By detecting all fuel level changes, you can compare real fuelling volumes with the ones  reported in fuel cost notes; and prevent unauthorized fuel use.

Unlock The Power Of Data Base Management

Data Import And Export

Update the database or take a backup of the entire database with easy data import and export options. Data interchange with third party applications are also available through APIs.

Single Dashboard For Admin

In-built reporting fields are represented in multiple graphs on a single dashboard, so that information can be accessed easily and effectively.

Maintenance Services

Keep a track of all the maintenance services done of every vehicle, so that choice of vehicle in particular situation and routes never go wrong.

Automatic Data Sharing

Customize reports and schedule them to auto-send to various organizational hierarchy on a schedule.