Procurement Management System

Manual registration of raw material weight at bio mass power plants, result in an increased rate of human errors and adjustments. Manual distribution of tokens and GRN (Goods Receipt Note) can significantly slow down the operation process as well. Here is a case study where our digital solutions reduced the TOC (Total Operational Cost) of a bio mass plant through efficient automation of their raw material procurement system.

The Requirement for Digitization

Achieving A Digital Solution:

Vareli Technac’s Integrated Raw Material Management System (IRMMS) is designed to provide a seamless procurement solution for biomass power plants. A web-based and user-friendly application, IRMMS significantly reduces operational cost by minimizing manpower requirement through effective digitisation. It is designed for digital management and maintenance of raw material procurement through:

Client Alt

Vareli has provided us with a customized Fuel Management System built from scratch. The software has helped us in streamlining the stupendous number of transactions while ensuring that we procure right quality of material. It has hastened the entire process thereby reducing the time of each transaction along with eliminating the human error possibility of human error. They provide very good Maintenance request and the response time is very good by their supportive manpower. Being a customized software, changes are implemented with lightning speed by them as per our request.

Varun Todi Director Star Wire (India) Vidyut Pvt Ltd

The Results Achieved After Digitization: