Restaurant AppCustom built POS Platform, for your RestaurantEnsuring Smooth Online Sales & Food Delivery Across Multiple Outlets

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Running a restaurant is no easy feat. From managing the front desk, to revising menus and checking in on the kitchen, things can get strenuous with an increased risk of making human errors. Manage multiple outlets seamlessly with the help of the Restaurant App to ensure a delectable dining experience for the customers.


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Web App & Mobile App Versions

Easy user interface with web application version for restaurant owners and mobile app version for customers.
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Online Food Ordering

Customers can order food online from any of the outlets of the restaurant, just by creating a profile and signing up. The location wise food menu would be displayed to the customer, once the outlet is chosen.
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Fast and Accurate Payments

Multiple payment gateway integration for fast, customer friendly and easy payment options.

Real Time Order Tracking

Take customer relationship management up a notch with the help of dynamic food delivery tracking, so that the wait for food doesn’t seem too long.

Take Care of Customer Grievance

Increase service efficiency to boost profitability, by connecting with customers through the feedback feature

Manage All Outlets from a Single Dashboard

Multiple outlets can be registered in the system according to their location, for easy and effortless management.

Refine Food Menu as Per Outlet Location

Multiple food menus and their corresponding prices can be registered according to the geographical location of the outlet.

Customizable User Access for Effective Monitoring

Real-time status of all outlets can be accessed by the central admin. Whereas, outlet managers would be able to access outlet specific data like order status, delivery executive allocation, etc.

Personalized Customer Management

Offer reward points, discounts, redeemable coupons and other promotional offers for increasing profitability, by retaining loyal and recurring customers.

Access Detailed Reports

Easily identify loyal customers, common meal preferences, how the menu is performing by time and day of the week etc through detailed reports from multiple business viewpoints.