Fleet Management System

Boost mine production with IOT based Dynamic Fleet Management System

Optimize Mine Production

Reduce Truck Queuing and Shovel Wait Time

Excessive wait times while loading, dumping, and fuelling all prove a strain on productivity. Track the fleet location in real time to reduce queuing and shovel wait time. The real-time operational visibility helps to boost mine performance and productivity.

Take Informed Decisions To Make A Difference

Get insights from exhaustive KPIs like wait times, cycle times, payload weights, fleet availability, and more. The customizable reports make it easier to review the progress towards KPIs or budgets and take informed business decisions.

Driver Behaviour Monitoring

Find out if any driver is exceeding speed limit with the real-time Over Speed Notification. Keep a track of the idle hours of the vehicle through the Ignition Detection feature, which records the time the vehicle engine gets ignited.

Real-Time Operational Visibility

Track vehicle location, route progress, late or missed stops in real-time, to increase overall equipment utilization, reduce non-productive time per cycle and boost safety and profitability across the entire operation.

Reduce Costs, Extend Equipment Life, and Increase Productivity with Data Interoperability

Data gets automatically collected, with the help of Wenco technology, on operationally connected equipment. VTPL and Wenco Mining Systems work on the principle that information generated and stored in a Wenco system is owned by the customers. This interoperability or exchange of information helps customers use the data for their enterprise. This information also gives a better understanding of the fleet and areas of productivity.