Invoicing SystemEnd-to-end Solution from Invoicing to InventoryCustomizable Solution for Business Accounting & Inventory Management

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Manual accounting and inventory management are time-consuming chores for businesses, but are necessary in order to track, manage, and optimize the business' growth over time. Minimize the risk of human errors and overcome the difficulties of accounting needs with the Invoicing and Inventory Management System. It is a simple yet powerful tool, designed to provide quick and easy solutions for your business’ accounting and inventory management.


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Multiple Levels of Product Categorization

Categories and multiple sub-categories of products registration, for efficient inventory management.
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Auto-Generated Unique Identification Number

Seamlessly monitor products across multiple inventories with the help of automatically generated unique identification number for each product.
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Easy and Flexible Product Search

Track products easily through simple and user-friendly product searching feature.

Customizable Offer-Order Generation

Limitless possibilities for expressing the business’ unique personality while effectively managing customer relation, through printable Offer-Order generation feature.

Customizable Invoice Generator

An invoice carries a brand’s identity. Create a brand voice and choose which information to share in the invoice, with the customizable features.

Automatic Stock Update

With every purchase and sales, the inventory gets automatically updated to eliminate the risk of going out-of-stock.

Real Time Stock Management

Keep a track of the inventory status with just a few clicks. Avoid buying excessive items, track the best-selling items and minimize the risk of getting out of stock with the help of this effective inventory management feature.

Outstanding Payment Reports

Eliminate the possibility of missing out on payments with this feature that gives a reminder for every outstanding payment.

Master Module of Database

Maintain important details like opening stock details, customer purchase details, item stock etc through customizable master module of database maintenance.

Admin Controlled Access of Software Menu

Software menu access rights is controlled by the Admin, to ensure effective data visibility and security.

Easy Password Generation and Resetting Option

Email integration with the software for easy and seamless password generation and resetting.