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Cloud ComputingWritten By: Suman Kumar Paul

What will you do if your business all of a sudden had a massive security breach?
How long a business can operate without accessing its systems?
What to do if you lose all your operational business data?

Sometimes businesses don’t even bother to plan a survival strategy to overcome such cyber-attacks. However, this might collapse your business’s credibility if you don’t possess robust data backup or recovery measures in place. In short, data backup is the backbone of a business.

What is Cloud Backup?

Backing up your business data to the cloud includes storing it in a highly secure data center over the internet. A cloud storage solution is an integrated network of multiple remote servers that can be accessed locally over the internet.

In this digital world, most individuals and businesses are already using cloud-based services in their day-to-day operations. In general, we use cloud backup for storing documents and photos. An online storage solution not only simplifies our data storage hassles but secures them from cyber breaches.

Why Use Cloud Backup?

There is always a risk of losing data in this digital storage era. To address all such issues cloud storage and backup is the solution. As we all know it is not always possible to maintain data redundancy as it demands serious investment.

At last for securing confidential data from hackers and storage failures cloud backup is the ultimate solution. Check out the top five reasons to choose cloud backup:

•    Encrypts Your Data

The risk of unauthorized data access is linked to traditional backup techniques which can cause serious problems in long run for businesses. However, incorporating cloud storage and backup solution serves as an additional layer of security. It offers administrative functionalities to configure data access rights for specific individuals or groups. On the other hand, cloud service providers offer updated data encryptions for superior data integrity.

•    Secures The Integrity Of Your Data

Traditional backup focuses on a single computer or server to keep your data equally secure and readily accessible. So, what happens if there is a blackout on-site or if a natural calamity strikes? But it is not the case with cloud backup solutions, as it includes an interconnected network of data centers to store your data. If one goes down, another can pick up the slack.

•    Serves Quick Real-Time Data Accessibility

The implementation of cloud storage and backup not only stores and archives all valuable data in a place that is readily accessible. Real-time cloud storage enhances the operational productivity of a business. It offers calculative data authorization access to eliminate complex data mishandling and manipulations.

•    Removes All Human Error Risks

It’s conceivable that mistakes can be made with standard tape-based backup – where magnetic tape drives are used to store data. Sometimes tape drive mishandling or missing drives can disrupt the whole backup process. So, implementing the cloud-based backup eliminates such issues as it works on real-time backup scheduling.

•    Simplifies Data Storage Possibilities

As cloud-based backup is an emerging industry embraced by both small and large enterprises, there is indeed a lot of data available online to assist you in getting started. Using well-known off-the-shelf cloud backup service providers like Google Drive, Microsoft One Drive, and Dropbox can solve your business need.

The Future of Data Storage and Backup

An immediate shift to cloud-based backup is likely to come at a cost. However, as the dependency on consumer data and technological solutions rises across all industries, it's not something that can be delayed indefinitely.

This rising demand benefits you as a consumer as businesses will have to continuously improve their services and solutions to remain competitive. Moreover, this incorporates advanced encryption methodologies for seamless data accessibility. Cloud-based technologies are projected to become not just more sophisticated and efficient over time, but also economical, faster, and more flexible.

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