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GeneralWritten By: Sreeparna Sarkar

Turns out, it is not just the pandemic that can be contagious; but concepts and ideas too can be contagious as they spread from one individual to another or one business to the other. Creativity becomes the motherboard, when it comes to ideas and innovations, connecting all concepts and ideas to the main processor called the brain. Through the fusion of self-expression and human endeavors, creativity becomes like fuel for human endeavors. 

Since artificial intelligence poses so many challenges, we need to recognize how essential human creativity is in the modern world and make sure that we have an abundance of it. The majority of people believe creativity is binary - either you have it or you don't. But in reality, we all have creativity within us, regardless of whether we are aware of it. We just need to pass it on. 

Is Creativity Really Contagious? 

As the saying goes, every creation creates the desire to create more. It is inspiring when we observe the creations of others, even when they have encountered several failures in the past. However, being human beings the concept of creativity has always intrigued us. Where does creativity come from has always been a subject of fascination and a quest? 

Any creative act or work has a tendency to inspire others. When we look for other examples of creativity, we always get inspired to find how distinctly innovative and creative human beings are as a species. It is not just independent thoughts and opposable thumbs that make us human beings – it is creativity that makes us unique. 

The fusion of ideas leads to the most creative ideas. It can only be achieved when people from diverse backgrounds work together.

What is Creativity?

A lot of people think the word creativity only relates to the world of artists which is not true. Whether we are in IT, retail, or any other profession, we are all using our creativity to make decisions and solve problems that arise on a daily basis. Not necessarily, we have to brainstorm hard and invent something fantastic to call ourselves creative. We can be creative with every simple act we perform along with everything that is happening within and out. 

Why should we pass on Creativity? 

Creative expression molds human experience more profoundly and pervasively than anything else does.
Here is how : 

•    Creativity driver Innovation: By bringing together creative processes and talented people, we can solve difficult problems and develop innovative solutions that meet the needs of our clients and consumers.

•    Creativity solves Complex problems: A creative approach to problem-solving can help manage problems of any size and shape – volatile, unpredictable, complex, and ambiguous (VUGA). 

•    Creativity increases Employee Engagement: An organization that supports creativity and innovation can make that possible by motivating individuals to do their best and using their skillset to make a positive impact on their work.

•    Creativity drives Success: Creative achievement is not predicted by intelligence but by divergent thinking - a talent that can be taught.

A Final Thought: 

To compete and stay competitive in today's fast-paced world, businesses and organizations require a constant influx of creativity. It takes confidence and courage to be creative in order to create something unique and never before seen. To be creative, one must be willing to fail. 
To conclude, every invention humans have made is merely a modification or imitation of something already existing. Creativity as a whole does not exist – all we have to seek is the inspiration and pass it on. 

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