How Tamper Proof Fuel Level Sensors Strengthen Your Fuel Management Objectives?

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Tracking SolutionWritten By: Suman Kumar Paul

In this modern era of technological advancements manufacturers continuously undertake research programs to design, develop and improve their capacitive fuel level sensors for harsh and dynamic environments. The prime focus is to deliver fleet owners robust and tamperproof fuel-sensing solutions. Our fuel management solution is precisely coupled with an artificial neural network-based signal processing system for accurate fuel measurements. 

In this blog, we will be covering some of the best features and benefits of integrating tamper-proof fuel-sensing data in your existing fleet operations. 

How Capacitive Fuel Level Sensors Are Best in Delivering Tamperproof Fuel Data ? 

The conventional level sensor systems used in automotive applications occupy a significant amount of space because of their mechanical design. Moreover, a fuel level sensor needs to deliver accurate and reliable fuel data in hostile conditions over prolonged periods with near-zero error. To accomplish these requirements capacitive fuel sensors are ideal for industrial and particularly automotive fuel tracking applications. 

Technically Capacitive fuel sensors can directly sense a variety of parameters, such as fuel turbulence, chemical composition, and electric field; and they can also indirectly sense many other variables which can be converted into motion or dielectric constant, such as pressure, acceleration, fluid level, and fluid composition. 

The capacitive FLS (Fuel Level Sensor) is mounted inside the vehicle's tanks to monitor real-time changes in fuel level. Our Fuel level sensors provide 99.5% precision in terms of data accuracy. However, to reach the above precision the sensor must be accurately installed and calibrated before tank calibration. As a result, expert integrators should perform the installation and configuration. 

  • Apart from precise fuel level data, capacitive sensors assist you in the following ways: 
  • Tracks and records all refueling and drainages 
  • Eliminates "false refueling" or "under-refueling." Frauds 
  • Pushes real-time fuel drainage alerts 
  • Checks all drainage possibilities 

What Makes Capacitive Fuel Sensors Outperform the Floating Fuel Sensors ? 

Capacitive fuel level sensors are powered by twin electrodes that create a capacitance, which is typically two parallel metallic plates separated by a non-conductive substance. In an electric field, capacitors store electrostatic energy. The efficiency of the capacitor to hold electrical energy is known as "capacitance". It increases as the amount of insulating material increases. 

Capacitor-based built-in fuel sensor functions by computing capacitance with reference to the dielectric constant of the fuel being measured and the voltage needed to complete the circuit. These data are employed to calculate fuel levels. A higher level of dielectric material leads to higher capacitance. 

Apart from the broad range of materials and applications that capacitive fuel level sensors can handle, they additionally possess the advantage of being technologically simple, with no moving components and zero maintenance after installations. Furthermore, they eliminate fuel turbulence errors and are suitable for both point and continuous fuel level monitoring. 

The capacitive fuel level probe has no moving components and can be used to quickly replace the vehicle's existing fuel sensor without the need for a hold drill. It can also be resized to fit different tank heights. Furthermore, include great precision, robustness, stability, and pocket friendly. 

A robust fuel level sensor requires high-quality components including circuitry, metal probe, protective tamperproof shield, transmission cables, and well-configured fuel management software to optimize the benefits. The overall setup should be simple to install, maintain, and upgrade. 

How VTPL Fuel Sensors Helps in Strengthening Your Fuel Management Objectives ? 

VTPL's mission is to empower fleet owners to automate and optimize their day-to-day fuel management responsibilities. If the fuel economy of your vehicle is poor, try adding a VTPL fuel sensor to mitigate fuel drainages and refueling frauds. 

Multiple factors influence fuel efficiency; acquiring expertise in these fields can assist in real-time fuel efficiency enhancement and can minimize fuel expenses. 

  • Continuous Monitoring of Fuel Levels  
  • Real-time fuel wastage alerts 
  • Fuel Efficiency Reports and stats 

We at Vareli Tecnac Pvt. Ltd. offer a complete fuel monitoring solution for a wide range of application scenarios. Contact our vehicle tracking experts for assistance in choosing the ideal fuel level sensor for your business needs. 

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