How to Prevent Becoming a Victim of a Phishing Scam

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IT Support & SecurityWritten By: Suman Kumar Paul

Will you be able to spot a phishing email when you receive one ?

Hackers often send emails or messages to their victims to mislead them into exposing important data. And if you're not paying attention, you might get hooked. A phishing link might redirect you to the download of a harmful software application that can corrupt your device with malware.

Here are a few strategies to help you prevent becoming a target of phishing attacks.

•    Keep yourself updated with the latest phishing Techniques

Regularly, malicious cyber attackers develop new phishing techniques. To avoid being a victim, it is important to stay updated about the various methods. To remain updated, check the news or consult with your IT personnel. Learning about new scams will reduce your risk of falling for the ploy.

•    Analyze and examine the links before you click

Clicking trusted links is fine but clicking on a random unknown link can lead to a serious security breach. It is safe to hover over any links you're not confident about before clicking on them. A phishing email may appear to be from a reputable organization, and when you click the link to the website, it may appear identical to the authentic website. When in doubt, go straight to the source rather than clicking a potentially harmful link.

•    Use an Anti-Phishing Toolbar

It is possible to integrate the most popular web browsers with Anti Phishing toolbars. These toolbars offer a quick check on the websites you visit and generate reports based on known phishing websites.

•    Always verify a website’s Security

Check that the site's URL starts with "HTTPS" and is provided with a closed lock icon near the address bar before entering personal credentials. Additionally, look for the site's security certificate. If you receive a warning that a certain website may contain dangerous files, do not open it. Downloading files from untrusted emails or websites is not a good idea.

•    Keep your online accounts updated

Make it a practice to change your passwords regularly. To avoid bank phishing and credit card phishing frauds, you must inspect your transactions regularly. Get monthly statements for your bank accounts and carefully review each transaction to eliminate all fraudulent transactions.

•    Always use an updated web browser

It is recommended to update your web browser as soon as it receives one. Updates security patches eliminate loopholes that phishers and hackers already discovered or exploited. To remain safe while surfing the web always use an updated web browser.

•    Integrate Firewalls

High-quality firewalls operate as barriers between you, your computer, and attackers from the outside world. We recommend you integrate a network firewall with the best IT security solution provider. These technologies significantly limit the possibility of cybercriminals and phishers penetrating your computer or network.

•    Hold a deep understanding of Pop-Ups

Pop-ups frequently appear as an element of a legitimate site, but they are mainly phishing tactics. Most web browsers provide pop-up blocking and security add-ons. If you want extra assistance, contact your IT personnel for deep understating.

•    Don’t share personal information over the Internet

As a general principle, you should never provide confidential personal or financial details over the Internet. The majority of phishing scams will redirect you to websites where you are asked to enter financial or personal details. A Web user should never enter personal data using the links supplied in email messages. Never send confidential information through email to anybody.

•    Use Antivirus Software

There are multiple reasons to employ antivirus software. Antivirus programs have specialized signatures that safeguard against known technological exploits and vulnerabilities. Just make sure to keep your software updated. Every file that enters your computer via the Internet is scanned by antivirus software and protects your device from a security breach.

Final Words

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