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IT Support & SecurityWritten By: Suman Kumar Paul

IT asset management (ITAM) is not a project. You cannot execute it once & expect it to be done. ITAM is a practice that must be maintained and consistently enhanced to give your business the advantage that it can—and should—deliver. 

What we observed is that businesses implement ITAM responsively, in reply to an incident. However, after that issue is fixed, the administrative focus on ITAM is deprioritized until the next crisis. The operation is then re-launched. This continuous rebuilding of ITAM will never yield its full potential benefit. 

There will be multiple reasons behind implementing ITAM in a firm; however, we have encountered many that did it proactively instead of as a response to a negative incident. This should stop. Let us see how we can close the stable door before the horse escapes! 

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A Continuous Process 

Note that ITAM is a process, not something you execute once & ignore. ITAM will assist your firm significantly greater as you aim to enhance the approach regularly. 

Upgrade and maintain your IT assets regularly to ensure that your ITAM approach is always up-to-date & fit for use. The above guarantees that whenever assets demand maintenance, you already have a methodology in action to handle the issue. 

Real-time Monitoring 

Verify that every fresh device deployed within the organization is registered to your IT asset inventory. You must immediately set up monitoring tools on every new asset you acquire as soon as possible so that you can acquire quick insight into the device. 

Keep track of newly acquired IT assets and ensure that they are regularly managed from the inception. It will assure the reliability and effectiveness of your ITAM process. 

Process Automation 

Handful activities will enhance and simplify your ITAM process with highly efficient task automation. Automated tasks and to-dos are equivalent to employing a workforce that works around the clock to verify that things are accomplished as per schedule. 

You can utilize automation for periodic scheduled scanning and notifications, allowing you to be informed of all assets at the same time since the process of automated scanning is executed for you. ITAM performs automated assessments to detect assets that require support and assign management agents to resolve any issues. 

Prioritize Your Assets 

Considering the number of IT assets inside a business, determining which ones to prioritize can be difficult for you. Some IT assets might only be utilized by one person in the firm, whilst other IT assets can be important to complete the company's operations. 

Organize your IT assets by importance to company activities. This empowers you to make better decisions if more than one device requires servicing at the same time. The power to prioritize the significance of specific assets additionally improves organizational uptime. 

Life Cycle Management Strategy 

Asset lifespans are important in ITAM because these assist firms predict how long an asset will perform effectively and when it needs to be discarded. 

A lifecycle strategy enables you to get the most out of your assets during their entire lifespan. A 5 step IT asset lifecycle approach includes Requisition, Procurement, Deployment, Maintenance, & Retirement. 

Integrate ITAM Software 

Managing all IT assets inside a business can be a challenging task. However, ITAM software helps you in streamlining and simplifying the ITAM process. 

It is now vital for your company's performance to manage and monitor assets within the business. ITAM software gives you the capabilities needed to efficiently govern all your company's IT assets. When merged with other elements of IT management, including security patches, backups/restores, or endpoint management, it makes your ITAM technique more effective and scalable. 

Customized ITAM for Your Business 

ITAM is important for optimizing the internal operations of your company. By implementing the above ITAM business practices for effective technological management, you will experience its countless advantages and boost your organization's overall success. 

VTPL’s IT Asset Management solutions give real-time data on all your assets for quick and effective decisions. For more assistance, drop us an email at You can also visit our service page for detailed solution architecture. 

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