Making the Move to the Cloud - Top 10 Reasons You Shouldn't Wait Any Longer

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Cloud ComputingWritten By: Suman Kumar Paul

Business and IT leaders all over the world are modernizing outdated on-premises technology with cloud-based computing capabilities for flexibility, scalability, and cost-effectiveness. Is your business ready to operate effectively in the cloud? If not, what should you do to get it done?

There are several strong reasons, to begin with, cloud migration, ranging from lowering IT expenses to boosting innovation. However, without a well-developed plan and cloud knowledge, implementing the change is challenging.

Here we cover the top 10 reasons why you should migrate to a cloud platform.

•    Increase Business Agility
In today's global market, business agility is important. It is essential to have flexible, on-demand IT infrastructure to stay up with rivals and continuously changing business trends. Businesses are no longer need to wait weeks or months for hardware up-gradations and installations. Alternatively, businesses can rent essential functionalities and services straight from cloud service providers, allowing them to accomplish objectives much quicker.

•    Eliminate End-of-Life Concerns
IT professionals nowadays do not want to cope with restricted license agreements and long-term contracts. Thankfully, the cloud eliminates this problem. Businesses don’t have to bother about application life cycles or contractual terms and conditions. The technology allows businesses to gain instantaneous access to the finest cutting-edge technology without signing any restrictive and long-term contracts.

•    Enable Digital Transformation
Most businesses are implementing digital transformations to extract additional potential from existing resources. Leaders can digitize core functions, including CRM, SAP, data analytics, and more, thanks to modern breakthroughs in cloud technology. Once you move your business from old legacy technologies to the cloud the possibilities are endless which helps in enhancing workforce productivity and uncovering new sources of revenue generation.

•    Leverage New Technologies
When it comes to embracing modern technologies, switching to the cloud brings up multiple doors of possibilities. Businesses that migrate, for example, can gain advantages of machine learning and AI, which are not possible with on-premises technologies. It helps in building up highly sophisticated cloud solutions in minutes, such as Kubernetes containers and data lakes.

•    Accelerate Growth
When it comes to corporate growth, whether organic or through acquisitions and mergers, the use of technology is much more important than before. Cloud-based businesses can readily incorporate new acquisitions into existing systems. In addition, these allow businesses to scale rapidly with flexible data management and functionality.

•    Consolidate Data Centers
The versatility of Cloud computing enables businesses to eliminate on-premises data centers. IT firms can outsource backend jobs to 3rd Party cloud providers and redistribute staff to higher-value operations. Furthermore, enterprises can centralize operations and allocate cloud service accessibility as per need, enhancing corporate productivity.

•    Improve Security
Online data security will remain on top priority for years to come. Businesses migrating their legacy IT infrastructure to the cloud helps them to secure their applications from unwanted threats.  Just Implementing cloud technology with your existing workforce will not secure your business. In fact, cloud computing enables firms to set up the security standards, regulations, and compliance measures that are required for their specific operations.

•    Work from Anywhere
One of the most appealing and widely acknowledged benefits of cloud computing is the flexibility for employees to access critical business tools from anywhere. In reality, the main objective of cloud adoption is to provide businesses with connectivity to data from everywhere. In addition, working from home brings multiple benefits like an increase in productivity and a higher level of employee satisfaction and happiness.

•    Reduce IT Costs
To minimize IT infrastructural costs businesses are getting more interested in integrating cloud solutions with their workforce. Businesses can equip their workplace with the right set of cloud computing resources with the help of cloud service providers. It will for sure eliminate technical glitches and additional IT procurement costs. Being flexible and scalable a cloud solution can effectively strike out corporate expansion hassles.

•    Disaster Recovery
The cloud can enable businesses of all sizes to specialize in disaster recovery. Cloud-based backup and recovery solutions save both time and money. Relying on a Cloud Service Provider to encrypt your data and IT infrastructure includes the expertise and quick-response skills you might not have in-house when disaster hits.

Are You Ready To Migrate?

All businesses must innovate, and look forward. Cloud migration enables you to maximize technological advancements and position your business at the frontline. So what’s holding you back?

To learn more about the advantages of cloud migration. Contact us today to speak with our cloud migration expert and experience the real difference.

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