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Tracking SolutionWritten By: Suman Kumar Paul

We all know how dramatically the transportation and logistics industries are evolving. As per present conditions, the demand for commodities to be supplied has skyrocketed. The current scenario may be momentary; however, customer preferences have altered because of the Virus outbreak and are here to stay. 

Automated dispatching and routing software systems can benefit businesses stretching from e-commerce to mine management. It can provide economical routes as well as route optimization, fleet management, and supervision of all routing and dispatch-related activities. Dispatch routing technology is a business intelligence tool that can aid every company size and is readily controlled by back-office staff. 

What is Automated Dispatching & Routing? 

The continuous burden on the logistics sector is significantly revolutionizing the whole industry. It demands dispatchers to plan routes that correlate timelines, prioritization, stock, driver availability, environment, real-time traffic, and other factors. The dispatch crew interacts with a lot of data that can change in second, causing personnel to repeat the operation. 

An automated dispatch and routing must be added to deal with a complex dispatch environment. An automated procedure that integrates commodities, personnel, and operations is known as auto dispatching and routing. Because of vast huge datasets and machine learning, autonomous dispatch and routing systems can make intelligent and smart decisions at all phases of the operation. 

The goal of the autonomous dispatch and routing system is to increase fleet and transportation effectiveness, as well as customer experience. Furthermore, it can successfully enhance fleet productivity, decrease time spent on manual routing, and decrease distance travelled. 

Why Switch from Manual Routing to Automatic Routing and Dispatching System? 

Whenever it comes to routing, most of us are acquainted with static routing. The approach begins with extensive planning, which maps out areas, and consumers, and allocates delivery routes to drivers. This operation is facilitated by dispatching software for owners/operators. The above system presently lacks several key areas and features. It cannot handle the dynamic commercial demands with which we are currently dealing. 

Businesses with automated routing technology in operation can do the following: 

  • To accommodate businesses with a higher number of orders per day and provide a greater array of delivery options. It fundamentally amplifies the typical dispatching system with technology, enabling firms to conveniently allocate and manage work. 
  • To automate dispatch system plans and delivery routes, as well as handles and interacts with customers, delivery recipients, field personnel, drivers, and others. This enables superior operational visibility in real time. 
  • To conclude, automated routing and dispatching enables endless scaling of business operations. 

It is true that many owners/operators can experience transformation as challenging, they might continue with a combination of static and dynamic dispatching mechanisms. Dispatchers can undertake manual modifications or allow the software to execute the jobs automatically. 

Some of the Important Features of Automatic Dispatching and Routing System 

  • Automatic scheduling and dispatching based on priority 
  • Detailed route planning and optimization using web and mobile based suites 
  • Integrated routing, dispatch, and mobile communication capabilities 
  • Real-time GPS monitoring, fleet visibility, and driving stats 
  • Telematics assistance in monitoring vehicle and driver actions 
  • Reports on fuel economy and usage 
  • Real-time Data and notifications 

Automated Dispatching & Routing Is the Future 

In terms of expansion and improvement, the logistics business has made substantial progress. Among the most significant changes in recent years seems to have been automated routing. Most businesses failed to implement automated dispatching and routing systems. However, they will have to implement the technology because automated routing and dispatching is the way to the future. 

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