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Cloud ComputingWritten By: Suman Kumar Paul

Do you think cloud migration is important for your business? In Short, the answer is “Yes”. However, you need to work hard by tweaking the technology to catch up with your rivals. 

Cloud technology is used by 85% of enterprises globally. By the end of 2022, the cloud will be processing 94% of the digital workload.

While analyzing reasons to move to the cloud, we have discovered "Scalability," "Reliability," and "Availability," as the main benefits which make your cloud ecosystem Smart, Safe and Agile.

A Smart Cloud Solution Focuses On:

•    Scalability to meet business demands
•    Reliability to ensure seamless execution of products and services
•    Availability to ensure easy accessibility of cloud services from anywhere

What Is Smart Scalability In Cloud?

Cloud scalability denotes your system's capability to respond to and adapt to evolving requirements. As your organization expands, you would like to increase resources without sacrificing service quality and disruptions. As demand for your resources reduces, you would like to trim down your infrastructure quickly and easily to minimize operational expenses.

However, scalability in the cloud entails more than merely adding or withdrawing resources on demand. Check out some different types of scalability options:

•    Auto Resource Scaling
•    Vertical Scaling
•    Horizontal Scaling

What Is Safe Reliability in Cloud?

Cloud computing reliability is important for businesses of all sizes. Bugs in software may result in reduced performance, profitability, and confidence in your brand. Before deploying your apps to the cloud, ensure that they have been properly validated in a variety of real-world circumstances. This helps to assure their reliability and competence to match consumer requirements.

A safe and reliable cloud offers:

•    Automatic enforcement of redundant resources in need
•    Zero downtime
•    24x7 operational advantages to the workforce

What Is Agile Availability In Cloud?

The main objective of migrating to the cloud is its excellent availability. The goal is to provide cloud services, software, and tools to clients and employees from anywhere using any device. Cloud availability and cloud reliability are intertwined.

For Example - If you have an eCommerce store that is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. However, consumers may be kicked out of the system before completing their transaction when they click the "checkout" button. So, although your store is open at all times, if the supporting technology is unstable, your cloud technologies are practically worthless.

Bringing It All Together

To achieve superior performance, cloud availability, cloud reliability, and cloud scalability all must work simultaneously. This implies that business services are available at any time and from any location. This allows the system to scale up or down to meet business demand without compromising on performance.

Migrating your business to the cloud is very important to survive in the modern global market. However, migration won’t happen overnight as it requires precise technical planning and integration.

Are you are looking to have a reliable cloud solution for your business? If yes, we recommend the best Cloud services and solutions for superior workforce stability. Moreover, a cloud-based infrastructure offers your business the freedom to regulate and scale up as per market requirements.

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