The Benefits of Customized Fleet Management Reports

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Tracking SolutionWritten By: Suman Kumar Paul

Businesses are always hunting for innovative methods to increase their annual revenues. With increased competitiveness and quick technical improvements, an increasing number of businesses are opting for telematics for fleet cost reductions, driver control, and lower operational costs.  

Customized Fleet Management software collects a tremendous volume of important statistics from their vehicles. When this data is rendered into actionable insights, it can aid management in making better operational decisions and maximizing overall ROI. 

Customized reports make it even simpler to evaluate your fleet's behavior using VTPL's intelligent Fleet Management Solutions. Reports can be readily available and created from the database for strategic planning and operator evaluation. 

With over 35 specified reports to pick from and the flexibility to develop an unlimited number of customized reports, details on driving actions, are personalized and planned to be notified and emailed on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. 

Understanding Customized Reports 

Report customization offers a fleet manager unlimited customized reports to examine vehicle data and driver behavior. Moreover, the Vehicle tracking software allows real-time report generation in excel and pdf files for better accountability. 

Parameters that best align with your business goals can be integrated to produce graphical reports that fulfill the demand of your business and can be featured on your dashboard for a quick summarized overview. 

What makes Report Customization important in Vehicle Tracking solutions?

Customized reporting evolves and equips businesses with a technique for comparing data over specific time frames and evaluating organizational performance. The figures can assist the business in formulating a budget and implementing techniques to minimize vehicle expenses. 

Reports, in addition to helping fleet managers in making decisions about the business and its prospects, help in precise route planning for vehicles, which can be used for a wide range of objectives including maintenance schedules, workforce behavior patterns, policy considerations, and more. 

Customized reports can be implemented in the following areas: 

Fleet Performance Reporting 

Personalized vehicle reports, tables and graphs, and trip reports can be effortlessly tuned as per business goals. It helps in maximizing vehicle performance by reducing the overall turnaround time. Moreover, it allows the fleet manager to track its drivers as well as scrutinize every halt or stop based on the vehicle’s route scheduling. 

Report Features: 

- Zone/Geofence type stop counts 
- Stop Times 
- Drive Times 
- After Hours Driving 

Driver Risk and Safety Reporting 

Do your drivers often drive recklessly? Report on how dangerous they are driving by collecting accelerometer statistics and developing restrictions depending on sensitivity. By visualizing graphical reports over certain periods, one can instantly categorize the riskiest drivers with maximum speed monitoring precision. 

Report Features: 

- Harsh Accelerations 
- Speeding over Posted Road Limit 
- Device Tampering 

Customized Reports for Cost Reduction 

Idle Time Report - Examine how many times your drivers idled within a definite period. By highlighting unnecessary idling, the idle time report aids in minimizing fuel expenses and wear & tear. 

Engine Usage Reports - Evaluate comprehensive engine usage. The data includes the engine on and off timings for each operation, as well as the timeframes. 

Final Words 

A strong Fleet management System enables firms to streamline their fleets by reducing miles traveled, fuel spent, and on-road fatalities. 

We own strong experience implementing top fleet tracking systems. It enables vehicle owners and operators to acquire mission-critical statistics from built-in sensors and integrate them into IoT (Internet of Things) apps to monitor moving vehicles and driver conduct in real-time. 

Though advanced analytics ability extends beyond precise data gathering, it eases the gathering of real-time actionable reports for smoother organizational strategic planning targeting on-the-road alterations and optimized outcomes. 

Contact VTPL if you manage a fleet or need an advanced customized fleet management software solution. Utilize our years of industrial experience dealing with fleets of varied sizes and sectors to serve as a guide for you! | +91 8336955090 

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