The Right Way to Monitor Driver Conduct with GPS Tracking

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Tracking SolutionWritten By: Suman Kumar Paul

Your heavy equipment, service vans, or semi-trucks symbolize a massive capital outlay, but without professional drivers, supervisors, or service professionals, they're just expensive yard decorations. A driver with undesirable behavior or a poor work ethic might lead to a significant loss of money.

How do you know whether your drivers are meeting your company's on-the-road requirements?

How can you encourage your drivers to adopt healthy driving habits?

VTPL’s GPS driver monitoring systems give the information you need to maintain driver and vehicle safety as well as track how driving habits impact your result.

What are the benefits of Driver Monitoring systems?

Our Fleet Telematics Solutions offers businesses superior vehicle tracking and driver behavior monitoring insights for safer job executions. 

Understanding what to do with such data might be the difference between maintaining safe, happy employees driving well-maintained vehicles and having unethical employees take advantage of you and cost you financially.

This article explains how to safeguard your drivers, business, and result by keeping drivers accountable, fostering strong employer/employee relationships, and engaging your drivers in a way that reinforces their value to the organization.

How to improve and monitor driver’s behavior using vehicle tracking solutions?

As a fleet manager, you would like to ensure your fleet operates smoothly, arrives on time, and contributes to your business's success. Fleet managers should therefore be equipped to track drivers to reduce fuel wastage, restrict improper usage of business vehicles, and implement commercial speed restrictions. GPS vehicle tracking is an excellent way for completing these objectives while also improving your drivers' conduct.

At VTPL, we provide fleet management solutions such as GPS vehicle tracking and more to guarantee that you have real-time analytics to accurately manage your drivers.

We offer businesses intelligent vehicle tracking solutions with drive enhancement capabilities. Check out some of the top factors below to improve your firm’s performance and productivity.

•    Over Speeding

Speeding is not only dangerous, but it also affects the fuel efficiency of your fleet of vehicles. With fleet monitoring services for businesses, you can set up automated alerts or analyze records to locate drivers who habitually exceed your firm's speed limit. Moreover, speeding is one of the most common violations committed by fleet drivers, monitoring how fast your fleet vehicles travel allows you to immediately investigate speeding or other questionable driving habits.

•    Reduce Fuel Consumption

One of the simplest methods to save money is to reduce your fleet's fuel consumption. From driving too fast and leaving an idle vehicle to taking longer routes and more, your fleet drivers could be wasting money on fuel. You can employ GPS vehicle monitoring as a logistics manager to optimize driving behavior and minimize fuel usage.

•    Review Safety Report Cards

Fleet managers can use safety report cards and driver ratings to determine if they need to concentrate on a few individual drivers or address the entire fleet. Knowing whether drivers exhibit the most or least dangerous driving behaviors allows managers to encourage and reinforce safe driving practices.

•    Replay Routes

The ability to monitor an interactive replay of routes is a fantastic feature of GPS vehicle tracking for fleet managers. When you have drivers who are responsible for extended trips, you may break down their routes into comprehensive segments for better evaluation of their driving, including the capability to monitor street-level statistics.

•    Real-Time Alerts

It is one of the most promising features of Vehicle monitoring for your fleet is the ability to provide real-time notifications to your drivers when aggressive driving patterns are detected. The warnings can assist you to discover potentially risky driving trends that need to be corrected to inform the driver that they have made a dangerous action.

•    Reduce Personal Use

Your vehicles should only be used for business purposes, which implies your drivers should restrict their personal use. Personal usage of fleet vehicles might cost you money in terms of fuel and maintenance due to additional wear and tear. Workers using work vehicles for personal use are responsible for a large amount of fleet vehicle fuel usage and wear and tear. However, if you utilize GPS vehicle tracking systems, you may receive quick warnings if your vehicles are started after hours or if they are driven outside of a predefined geofence.

•    Hard Acceleration and Braking

Acceleration and braking must be performed sensibly. Excessive acceleration can be hazardous to both your drivers and the other drivers on the road. Hard braking is also an unsafe driving habit. Apart from the potential risks caused by hard braking and acceleration, these habits create extra wear and tear on brake pads and other automotive parts. Vehicle tracking solution allows you to detect drivers that exhibit these behaviors, allowing you to handle the problem, protect your vehicles, and give appropriate training.

•    Aggressive Driving

Aggressive driving includes driving habits that go beyond forceful acceleration and braking. Drivers who take excessive risks often showcase some or all of the following driving behaviors:

  • Harsh braking
  • Over Speeding
  • Tailgating
  • Swerving in and out of lanes
  • Rapid Acceleration and more 

Larger vehicles generate higher blind spots, require more time to slow down, and demand more space while changing lanes. When you employ VTPL fleet tracking software solutions will limit your drivers to gain aggressive driving posture.

The Final Track

If you're looking for a simpler approach to have safer and more efficient drivers, get in touch with our team now to discover more about our GPS tracking technologies. VTPL’s digital fleet and tracking solutions will help you to manage fleets more efficiently to maximize profits and minimize poor driver behavior.

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