Tips To Modernize Your IT Infrastructure Without Neglecting Security

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IT Support & SecurityWritten By: Suman Kumar Paul

Legacy hardware and technologies can no longer withstand the fierce competition of today's information technology (IT) infrastructure modernization. You are playing a new game with fresh rules when you request infrastructure modernization today. Especially if you opt to update not just the technologies and operations but additionally the strategy your business utilizes Technology. IT efforts must provide innovative capabilities in areas like data analytics, cyber security, and automated processing, including third-party technology integration. 

To match ever-changing consumer needs, businesses must comprehend why and how they should strategically upgrade their IT infrastructures to deliver an exceptional consumer experience. 

Firms usually make the mistake of mindlessly chasing IT trends and switching from one platform to another without an appropriate strategy, impacting processes and struggling to achieve objectives and profit. Alternatively, businesses should focus on modernizing existing infrastructure, particularly mainframe computers.  

As these projects are challenging, management should assure a flawless experience by keeping in mind a couple of important tips: 

  •  Mainframes Continue to Be the Foundation of Countless Businesses 

The robustness, reliability, and data management of mainframes have served as the foundation of operation IT infrastructures for ages. According to the report, these technologies continue to serve as the foundation of many big organizations, with 80% of IT experts saying that the mainframe is fundamentally important to organizational processes. A business that can accomplish targeted and in-place modernization that utilizes both cloud and mainframe technologies will be ahead of the competition as cloud-based technologies continue to acquire prominence. 

  •  Modernization In Place Guarantees a Streamlined Experience 

Many businesses are attempting to "rip and replace" mainframe systems with cloud technologies when new revolutionary solutions hit the market. However, while the demand is high, rip-and-replace techniques for modernization bring substantial risk, demanding a large amount of time, expense, and resource commitment with zero assurance of accomplishment. Businesses must keep in mind that ripping and replacing means changing their entire IT infrastructure while retaining the same level of security, data management, and reliability as the mainframe - an impossible job. 

Thankfully, with the appropriate tools & technologies, every revolutionary application can be developed in the cloud and afterward safely and confidentially integrated into the mainframe. These hybrid IT infrastructure methods enable enterprises to maintain the sturdiness and integrity of their mainframe architecture while simultaneously embracing the finest & updated tools to deliver teams with the customization and user experience they want. 

  •  Hybrid Cloud Computing Is the Future 

Top firms in the military, space, finance, and healthcare sectors integrating mainframe technology with hybrid cloud computing models, it is undeniable that hybrid infrastructures are the future of technology. Businesses can deliver a modernized experience to employees & end-users without adding security risk by allowing core infrastructure to continue to run in mainframe systems while utilizing APIs that enable teams and consumers with access to cloud technologies using the web and mobile applications. 

  •  Consumers Are at The Center of Modernization 

Businesses that devote the time to learn what their clients genuinely want from them can employ a deeper proactive strategy for modernization. Teams can more clearly outline where modernization is required to accomplish the targeted objectives by addressing client demands and then working backward. Making consumers the primary focus of modernization activities not only mitigates interruptions and saves resources and time but also ensures that efforts are associated with what consumers genuinely want. 

Modernizing your company's IT infrastructure 


  •  Discover what drives modernization 
  •  Assess your firm's existing technological architecture 
  •  Design for adaptability and performance 
  •  Arrange your IT infrastructure as per capabilities 
  •  Work with your partner to develop common objectives and confidence 


  •  Do not depend on outdated hardware 
  •  Do not deploy an old technology to execute major organizational processes on a mainframe 
  •  Do not “rip and replace” existing systems with brand-new ones developed from the scratch 
  •  Do not opt to customize a fresh off-the-shelf software package 


Complexity is considered a threat to data security. The modernization of IT infrastructure is only possible if the security level is maintained throughout the upgradation process. Moreover, it takes time to perform a stable mainframe migration. 

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