To Succeed, We Must First Believe that We Can

believe you can

GeneralWritten By: Debadrita Balial

We live in a world where everyone tries to make us believe that our dreams cannot come true. We have these voices in our heads that are saying to us every day “it is not possible. You cannot do it. It is very hard. You cannot succeed.” Or saying “it is not the time for it. You are not capable for it. You do not have the power to do it.” - and the list of all negative voices continues further.

We all have, at some point, dreamt of doing something great. However, this negative voice makes us think otherwise. This voice sounds in our minds like this - "I can't do this. I'm not good at it” and so on. 

You will find this voice playing in your head like a tape recorder. This powerful negative self-talk keeps playing on and prevents us from achieving our goals. 

However, like a tape recorder, we can always press the stop button easily and erase all those negative messages. Then, instead, we can record other messages – positive messages. We can choose to deny playing any form of negative messages in that tape recorder any further. 

In reality, it is not that difficult to suppress that negative voice and create a new positive message. The positive messages can sound like "I can do that, I am good enough, I have what it needs" and so on. We may have many who will encourage us to pursue a particular dream. However, it is us. It is us who need to recognize what we need is in us.

Performance is never easy. It is always a long journey and it requires a lot of dedication, practice and guidance. In such a journey, we need to be aware of the voices playing in our heads. All the successful achievements we have heard and seen are the beginning of a journey from a similar location and an idea associated with confidence in its relevance. In other words, great people are great because they believe in themselves. They believe in themselves when no one does. They believe in themselves even when they are down and even when they are at the bottom of the rock.

We can ask ourselves - “how many times a day do I find myself doing negative self-speaking?” “Does it prevent me from moving forward?” If you do not learn how to control your mind’s voices, it will most definitely prevent you from realizing your dreams in the long run.

Therefore, we should always try and turn that negative self-talk into a positive thought and keep encouraging ourselves to reach our goals – keep telling ourselves - “I believe in myself! I trust my own skills !”

Bottom Line

To dive deeper into it, it all comes down to what we want to achieve. For example, when it comes to gaining the affection of a dear one in our life, in the midst of a struggle, our minds are often out of our control, but there are countless other things that can affect positive outcomes and failures. If we believe in ourselves, doors towards plenty of new opportunities will open.

It is as easy as strongly believing that you can achieve what you want just by wanting it from your heart. If we challenge all negative compliments and dare to dream what we want to achieve, and with tenacity and patience, firmly believe that we can and will continue to work hard, everything is possible - and with the end result, we can shock everyone who said it was impossible.

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