What Is a Two-Way Communication System?

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A two-way radio is a technique that allows individuals to communicate with one another using wireless signals. Each user is provided with radio equipment that transmits and receives audio and data using radio frequencies. A two-way radio system could be as simple as two radios directly connected to each other or as complex as an encrypted infrastructure serving an entire country. 

You may be familiar with the phrase "walkie-talkie," which refers to unregulated radio equipment. The phrase "two-way radio" refers to both unlicensed and licensed devices. 

What Is Microwave Communication? 

Microwave is a wireless communication technique that employs high-frequency radio wave beams to enable high data rate wireless connections capable of sending and receiving speech, video, and data information. Because of their short wavelength, microwave connections are widely employed for point-to-point communications because they can be directed in narrow beams that can be targeted precisely at the receiving antenna. 

Microwave radio permits the transfer of both analog and digital data between two fixed sites; it is essential for multiple types of communication and has a wide variety of applications. Microwave radios are a low-cost, easy-to-deploy technology that allows enormous data volumes to be sent were other far more traditional methods, including copper or fiber, might not be feasible. 

Advantages of VTPL’s Microwave Networks & Communications 

Long Range  

Microwave networks are built to resist unwanted interference. Data speed can be increased even in the most difficult settings due to the excellent sensitivity. 

Savings On Expenses 

Modern microwave devices are solar-ready, have minimal power requirements, and are lightweight. The complete outdoor design devices require no additional supporting devices and can be installed effortlessly into the existing infrastructure. They are robust and eliminate interference and offer superior communication performance, which reduces cost and dead load on the structure. 


The microwave circuits are built to withstand extreme environments and can function in temperatures ranging from -30 to 55 degrees Celsius. The hardware comes with overvoltage and electrostatic surge protection. All components are rigorously checked in a climatic laboratory and real-world traffic, and they are highly resistant to noise & interference. 

Data Transmission Rate 

The Automatic Transmit Power Control function improves connection dependability in harsh conditions. The ATPC function additionally boosts transmitting power under "Fade" scenarios like harsh weather. ATPC can be used independently of ACM (Automatic coding and modulation) or with it to maximize connection reliability, consistency, and availability. When the "fade" circumstances are no longer present, the ATPC mechanism cuts the transmission power once again. This decreases the load on the microwave power amplifiers, resulting in lower power consumption, less heat dissipation, and a longer projected lifespan. 

Adaptive Modulation is the method of proactively adjusting modulation in an error-free mode to boost performance under short propagation settings. In other words, a system can function at its full capacity under bright sky settings and gradually reduces during rain fade. 


The hardware can be used for both upper and lower frequencies of 17 and 24 GHz => reducing the requirement for spares, and easier link configuration. Software authorization keys enable the user to increase data speed just when and where it is required. 

Easy Installation & Configuration 

Our microwave transmitters are built for external operation, featuring a metal housing and direct installation to a transmitting reflector. Signal polarization can be changed by automatically rotating it to 90 degrees. An intuitive web interface is used for setup, and firmware upgrades are possible wirelessly. 

How VTPL Can Support Your Business in Meeting Modern and Challenging Communication Systems? 

VTPL Wireless Communication Solutions can address all your current business-specific needs, whether you necessitate microwave backbone connectivity for extended communication, or a link to expand your corporate network from building to building or campus facilities.  

Contact our Wireless Solutions experts today for more details on Microwave radio networks and experience its robust connectivity across your facility. 

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