GOOGLE CLOUDBenefit from Live Migration of Virtual Machines, Higher Uptime, Reliability and Higher Productivity owing to quick access to Innovation and Cutting-Edge Technology, with Google Cloud solutions.


Latest Technological Updates Google Cloud Computing features like latest technological updates, faster boot time, sub-second archive restore and Google network of data centers, make it one of the leading cloud computing infrastructures.

Google Cloud PlatformThe agility and efficiency of cloud, with the innovation and security of Google.

Easy Scalability to the CloudReduce operational cost by NOT acquiring workstations, storage and servers. Instead, opt for Google Cloud computing and benefit from the agility, accessibility and efficiency of the cloud.

Highly Powerful Data and Analytics With tools like Big Query, Cloud Dataproc and Cloud Datalab, the data service and data analysis which earlier used to take several hours or days in the beginning, are now done in few minutes.

Multi-Layered Security, by Google Google Cloud’s industry-leading security, third-party audits and certifications, documentation, and legal commitments help support business’ compliance, ensuring there is one less thing to take care of.

Pay Only for the Compute Time Google bills are calculated on a per-second basis. So, pay only for the compute time used with no up-front costs or instance-type lock-in with committed user discounts.


  • Compute Engine

    Launch virtual machines (VMs) from standard or custom images created by users, while ensuring that the most sensitive data in the cloud is encrypted while being processed, with the help of the Google Cloud Compute Engine. Keep the applications running even when host systems require maintenance, as the virtual machines can live-migrate between host systems without rebooting. Pay for the compute time used, with discounted prices for long-running workloads with no up-front commitment required.
  • Cloud Storage

    Store any amount of data; retrieve it as often as required with simple, reliable, and secured cloud storage solution from Google. With provisions of data configuration for smooth transition to lower-cost classes, creation of robust disaster recovery plan, customizing where and how the data is stored, Google cloud storage reduces overhead cost while storing data from hundreds and millions of users.