Cloud Computing: The Unsung Hero of the Pandemic

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With the continuous pandemic, there has been a consistent expansion in virtual gatherings and communications. With businesses attempting to sustain their productivity, the cloud has emerged as the proverbial unsung hero! Be its e-commerce, managing projects remotely, video calls and video conferences, virtual classes and so on, the cloud is able to satisfy the rapid increase in demand.

The case of Cloud computing

Cloud computing system can be divided into front-end and back-end. The front-end is managed by the user. The back-end includes computing, knowledge storage devices, virtual systems, and more. It is in this back-end where the data and cloud functionalities are stored. The World Wide Web, aka the internet connects the front and the back-end of the organization.

Other elements like middleware and cloud resources also are part of cloud computing. A network layer is used by the cloud environment to connect devices and provide access to data and functionalities. The complete cloud system is managed with the help of a central server, which also manages traffic.

Being on the cloud facilitates your businesses, irrespective of your physical location. Cloud solutions are becoming popular choice of most organizations because they are scalable, expandable, customizable, easy to maintain and most importantly affordable!

Following are the ways the Cloud is ensuring business continuity amid the crisis:

1.    Ensuring business efficiency
The Cloud computing ensures greater collaboration between employees, allowing users to share and work on data and document at the same time. Best cloud solutions for small business makes it easier for design and construction professionals access work-related informationand data quickly and in securely.

2.    Guaranteeing Business Continuity
Equipped with features like data backup, disaster recovery, and business continuity management,the cloud ensures continued & hassle-free business operations.Remote working abilities upheld by the cloud have guaranteed that client information and administrations are open consistently. Associates sitting at home can sign in from their PCs and work with no deterrents. Best cloud storage services additionally ensures smooth integration of data while leveraging the newest technology to support business goals.

3.    State-of-the-art Data Security
Strict adherence to data encryption, key management,and access controls, and security intelligence in addition to regular security audits ensures that Cloud services provide maximum security for any data stored and used by the users.

4.    Secure E-Commerce
Cloud acts as a backbone for all online retailers, making sure that their operations are running smoothly, especially since there is an overwhelming rise in demand.Stores running on customary web-based platforms can encounter vacation as a result of their failure to deal with rush hour gridlock. But, best cloud solutions for small business are amazingly adaptable and flexible, shielding organizations from interruption because of framework issues.Further, best cloud service providers in India are armed to handle host of online security threats like data breaches, cybercrimes, hackers and so on.  

5.    Public Cloud
Examples of best cloud solutions for small business include those offered by Amazon, Microsoft and Google. Public clouds have huge measures of accessible space, which converts into easy scalability. It is often recommended for software development and collaborative projects. 
Organizations can plan their applications to be convenient, so a task that is tried in the public cloud can be moved to the private cloud.
From access to complete virtualized infrastructure, public cloud provides processing power and storage (IaaS) to specialized software programs that are easy to install and use (SaaS). 

The CLOUD-y Future!
Thanks to best cloud service providers in India, the world is fighting the pandemic with technology. Businesses have managed to remain operational and people are connected even amid strict lockdowns. Given this scenario spurred by the ongoing crisis, one factor is clear: Businesses need to handle this pandemic strategically. The first advantageous step would be relocating to dependable cloud platforms.

Take the smarter approach for your business with us!

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