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Cloud computing has had a significant influence on a variety of areas in recent years, including education. The main benefits of cloud solution in e learning space are a reduction in costs, accessibility, efficiency, and security. Both educators and students will benefit from the cloud. It promotes teamwork and a modern learning style.

E learning using cloud computing has been around for a while and has many proven benefits. Digital classrooms, online libraries, and immersive teaching are all being seen in the education industry right now. Much of this has ushered in a new age of learning that is more flexible and innovative. Schools, colleges, and universities are not required to purchase, own, and operate their own servers and data centres. Instead, they may use cloud computing to get access to computing resources, databases, servers, and other facilities. Let us elaborate on the extensive benefits of cloud solution for education.

Diminished cost in the long run: The Cloud is a one time investment with excellent returns in terms of computing capabilities and maintenance costs. Many of the technologies are available to the end user without the need for a large computing system or data storage capacity.

•    Data management costs are reduced 
•    Data centre upkeep is minimal
•    Replacement of aged physical IT hardware costs less money

Automatic software updates: It is the responsibility of the Cloud vendor to keep the software updated to the latest standards, at all times. Since the client's computers are linked to the main server, any changes to the latter will be added automatically.

Continuous accessibility: E learning using cloud computing is gaining popularity because of its flexibility which lets learners access courses wherever and whenever they want. With the introduction of online resources such as rooms for content management for higher education, students have more access to shared information. This services are not only more readily available, but also more thoroughly vetted and stable.

Collaborative learning: Group collaborations are a crucial aspect of the educational process. Collaborative learning enhances problem solving and helps develop interpersonal skills. The great thing with cloud solution in e learning space is that it takes a lot of the stress out of these projects. Students work on their parts of the project individually and remotely, then communicate digitally. Support student communication

•    Create teacher management portals
•    Power remote learning virtual classrooms

Enhanced Security: Information, content, data, pictures or anything which is stored in the cloud normally requires verification (ID and secret word, for instance). 

Benefits of E learning using cloud computing are immense. It does not come as a surprise that the cloud is emerging as the best option for remote learning. Nothing matches the convenience of accessing lessons at fingertips, and the cloud makes it possible. Whether it's a major institution, a tiny school, or a college, the cloud is having a positive effect on the education sector, and things can only get better and worse in the future.

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