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GeneralWritten By: Suman Kumar Paul

"Subham Karoti Kalyanam Arogyam Dhana Sampadah
 Shatru Buddhi Vinashaya Deepa Jyoti Namostute”

"We fold our hands before the light that brings prosperity, auspiciousness, and good health, an abundance of wealth and destruction of the enemy's intellect".

Here, Darkness represents the enemy's intelligence, and also with the arrival of light, darkness fades. Similarly, light (God's Grace) eliminates darkness (the intellect of the enemy). It's a Festival that brightens both the Earth and the Sky and spreads joy throughout the planet. It is a celebration during which the entire nation transforms into a wonderland of countless lamps. 

Deepavali, the Festival of Lights, does have all the charm, richness, and beauty to brighten our thoughts and emotions while also encouraging much-needed peace, love, and fraternity in mankind. It is a festival that brings together people of all faiths, homes, and hearts. Diwali has a profound spiritual significance; it simply means "Understanding of the Inner Strength." It is, in some ways, a celebration of the enlightenment and understanding of the Inner Light, and also can outshine negativity and remove all difficulties in life. Diwali translates as a string or array of lights. It is a festival of light on the thirteenth/fourteenth day of the Kartika Masa (October – November), although being the darkest night of the darkest season. Like any festival in India, the festival of Diwali has a deeper meaning than simply lighting diyas, wearing new outfits, sharing gifts, and bursting fireworks.

The essence of Diwali revealed in the sloka 'Tamaso ma jyotirgamaya,' which signifies "Lead me from darkness to light."
Therefore, we must ignite the lamps of happiness, success, and intelligence to eliminate sadness, hunger, and illness.
According to Vedanta, every dedicated Hindu must fill their heart with the oil of love, ignite the wick with the knowledge of Truth, and keep ignorance away.

Unity in Diversity

The Diwali traditions highlight the intellectual truths of the Vedas. Diwali is a festival that brings people together and is a mix of spirituality, religion, tradition, and ideologies.

•    Northern India celebrates the Festival of Lights to commemorate Lord Ram's homecoming to Ayodhya with Seeta and brother Lakshman after a 14-year exile.

•    In South India, it represents Lord Krishna's triumph over the demon Narakasura. Finally, both teach us the need of destroying bad energies and strengthening divine powers.

•    Diwali is linked in Western India with the belief that on this day, Lord Vishnu, during his 5th incarnation as Vamana, rescued Lakshmi from King Bali's jail. Another purpose for worshipping and praising Goddess Lakshmi during Diwali.

•    It is the day of the great victory of the ferocious and frightening Goddess Kali over the demon Bakasura in Eastern India, particularly Bengal.

According to a narrative from the incredible Mahabharata, the Pancha Pandavas returned from their 12-year exile on Karthik Amavasya. Those who admired the Pandavas are supposed to have honored the day by illuminating thousands of clay lamps and distributing sweets. According to history, the greatest Hindu ruler, Vikramaditya, was coronated on Diwali, making the event historical rather than just mythological. Diwali is notably important to Jains since it is thought that Lord Mahaveera achieved Nirvana, or eternal happiness, on this day.

The Sikhs have a purpose to honor Diwali as well. According to mythology, it was on this auspicious day that Guru Hargobind, the Sixth Sikh Guru, was freed from the Mughal Emperor Jahangir's imprisonment. Sikhs also celebrate Diwali as the laying day of the Golden Temple's foundation stone in 1577.

Sweet Temptations

Diwali is that Festival where sweets continue to tempt us all day. If there is one holiday that boasts of an abundance of sweets, it is without a doubt Deepavali, which is simply incomplete without sweets. Sweet boxes are distributed among friends and families, promoting friendly and peaceful relations.
Diwali festivities in the modern age are not limited to India, however are celebrated and honored with the same joyful spirit by Indians all over the world. It promotes the growth of the true essence of togetherness by encouraging people of all backgrounds to join together and celebrate the festival.

Light of Unity

The Divine Light shines within and around us. Let this Diwali offer a profusion of joy and happiness to humankind by destroying the negativity and other odd elements that are causing damage to society.

Allow the Lights of Happiness to spread over the world

It's all about recognizing our endless potential and eliminating misunderstanding. Diwali also symbolizes the dawn of knowledge via inner light or the purification of the soul.

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