What Are Network Vulnerabilities. Know It, Fix It

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IT Support & SecurityWritten By: Suman Kumar Paul

There is no golden bullet that will kill the rising security vulnerabilities. However, IT security experts may tackle their existing risk vulnerabilities and build appropriate protection by strategically developing and executing strategies. It follows some best practices and uses the newest automated technologies that make the plan better network stability and protection.

In this post, we will cover some of the most serious Network vulnerabilities with effective solutions to help you cover your bases:

1st Problem - The Network's Unknown Assets

Many firms may not have a comprehensive inventory of all of the IT assets that are connected to their network. This is a major issue. How can you be sure your infrastructure is safe if you don't recognize what all of the assets are on it? The simplest solution is to do a review of all the devices connected to the network and determine all of the technologies on which they operate. This allows you to identify all of the varied access points on your network and which ones require the most protective upgrades.

2nd Problem – Exploiting User Account Privileges

Intentional breaches and misuse of account privileges, or identity theft as a result of a phishing campaign or other social engineering assault that exploits their user account data, the individuals inside your company are one of the most serious security issues you'll possibly face. Because these attacks originate from authorized individuals and systems, they are also among the most difficult to detect and eliminate. However, there are multiple ways to eliminate the risk or you can incorporate POLP with User access. It reduces the intensity of the cyber-attack. The technology offers user accounts with limited access to systems and databases to do their respective jobs.

3rd Problem - Unpatched Security Vulnerabilities

Most companies are concerned about "zero days" vulnerabilities. These attacks are the previously unreported security flaws in programs and systems that have yet to be utilized against anyone. However, zero-day exploits are not the issue of concern rather you should be specific in patching network issues. The best and effective solution to deal with the issues is by scheduling proper security fixes. Upgrading the applications and software platforms on your network periodically to make them the same might also help to ease this operation.

4th Problem – Poor Depth Of Defense

Finally, despite your best attempts, an intruder will be successful in breaking your network infrastructure. However, how much harm an attacker may cause varies on how the network is set up. The issue is that some firms have an unsecured network topology, which allows an attacker to get unrestricted access to all nodes on a network. A network can be designed with tight segmentation to keep all of its different sections isolated. An intruder can be slowed down enough to keep them out of critical systems. In the meanwhile, your security personnel works to discover, isolate, and destroy the infringement.

Final Words

Protecting networks vulnerabilities is a complex process to crack in a day. The best network security demands a full-time IT security team with advanced technologies. In a network, every device, piece of software, and person is equally important for your cyber security.

VTPL offers the best security protocols and techniques to review and verify your network vulnerabilities on regular basis.
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