Happiness is a Mood. Positivity is a Mindset

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GeneralWritten By: Sreeparna Sarkar

In the world of digital marketing and media, motivational quotes such as, "Happiness is a choice" or "Choose happiness for a better life" permeate our lives. Although the quotes are meant to emphasize the concept that we can still manage our feelings, despite circumstances that are beyond our control – in reality, they are not true. 

There is a difference between what we think and how we feel. We can think of being happy all the time but do we really feel happy? How many of us recall the last time we felt happy for some reason? 

Can we really feel happy in a situation when a family member has just passed away? We cannot even choose to be happy if the extended deadline is already hanging over our shoulders! The best thing we can do is set a positive attitude to deal with everything that comes our way. 

Is Happiness not Positivity ? 

There is a big difference between Happiness and Positivity. 

Now to define happiness, perhaps we should begin by defining what is not happiness!

In a world where the focus on happiness and positive thinking is growing rapidly, most of us believe that positive-minded people are the happiest and every happy person on earth has a positive mindset. But that is not true at all. 

Happiness is not feeling good all the time or being rich to afford all that we desire. Neither it is about having fun at the beach or travelling around the world. 

Happiness is an ephemeral feeling or fleeting emotion, which we often term as “mood”. It varies for several reasons and conditions. The relentless quest for happiness has been a constant human pursuit since the ancient times of the great philosophers like Aristotle and Confucius to the modern age psychoanalysts and neuroscientists. 

On another side, happiness can also be perceived as positive emotions experienced during pleasurable activities we partake in throughout the course of our daily lives.

How different is Happiness from Positivity? 

Is there really any difference between happiness and positivity? 

The answer is yes! 

While happiness is an emotion, positivity is a state of mind. It is a way of perceiving the world around us. Happiness is temporary; positivity is eternal - as long as we continue to work on it and practice, it will stay with us forever. Positivity is an emotional attitude we can embrace no matter how foggy the situation becomes. 

Whatever we are going through, we can always choose to make a positive choice and hope for better days ahead. The good will always be there, no matter how difficult the circumstances. We might be going through the most miserable phase of life, but with a positive attitude, we can still believe and hope for the better days ahead. 

A Take Home Message: 

It takes a lot of effort to cultivate a positive mindset within ourselves. It is a skill to master through years of practice and patience. Once we grasp this skill, it can transform every aspect of life – making happy moments happier and miserable moments a little less miserable. 

Through all of life’s vicissitudes, happiness can leave us chasing things for decades, endlessly waiting for that one day when everything would feel perfect – but positivity will always meet us exactly where we are. With a positive mindset, we can make the most of wherever we are and whatever comes in our way. Happiness might not be a choice, but Positivity is! 

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