How to Handle a Data Breach at the Workplace?

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IT Support & SecurityWritten By: Suman Kumar Paul

In this era of digitization, we can’t limit ourselves from getting connected with the internet. Well, no one wants to encounter a data breach but with the latest technological advancements, it is near to impossible.

From the last few years, malware attacks and hackers intrusion got an exponential boost. So for businesses, it is very much important to focus more on their cyber security to avoid data breaches.

If you think your business suffered from a data breach then your first and foremost objective is to rectify the security hole. Make sure to incorporate the best data security solutions and security protocols to keep your credentials and confidential data secured from future threats.

Here are some top techniques that VTPL recommends to prevent further data breaches with quick restoration.

1.    Build You Data Breach Response Plan

To handle a data breach properly a company must have a dedicated team. Sometimes it is beneficial to have third-party vendors rectify your network security holes. In addition, you have to make sure that your employees are trained with a response plan. Most non-technical employees made mistakes that lead to serious data breaches. Instruct them with the best understanding to limit data breaches and data security requirements.

2.    Collect And Store Data Breach Evidence

Just after a data breach, your first move may be to delete everything. Well, you are doing it wrong. Before cleaning affected systems or devices you need to preserve breach evidence. It will help you to find out the exact reason behind the breach. Documenting all necessary details and measures adds an advantage. It helps the upcoming forensic investigations to find the real culprit behind the breach.

3.    Preserve Affected Systems

It is always recommended not to delete your breached systems. You have to contain them for future references and investigations. The first and foremost step is to isolate the affected devices. To keep your business away from further breaches follow the steps mentioned below:
•    Disconnect all infected systems from the internet
•    Disable remote access features and capabilities
•    Strengthen and preserve your firewall settings
•    Restrict internet access and traffic
•    Change all access control credentials

4.    Address Your Customers And Staff About The Breach

Consult with your compliance counsel to determine the appropriate approach to inform the media and your consumers about the leak.
It's also necessary to understand the legally mandated time constraints; you wouldn't wish to suffer a fine on top of everything because you didn't notify the audience on time. It is your responsibility to disclose the data leak information publically. If you wait too long to inform them, it will appear as you have something to hide.  Finalize when and how to notify your consumers, and keep in mind that quicker is better than later. Employees should not be allowed to disclose the breach

5.    Investigate Breach And Restore Systems

To prevent this from occurring again, you'll need to figure out how you were hacked. A forensic investigation performed by a third party sheds light on the issue. Your company needs forensic investigations, which is important not just in identifying the source of the attack. It also assists you in determining how to avoid a similar thing from occurring again. Be patient since this might consume considerable effort and time. After you've identified and fixed the root of the breach, you'll be prepared to restore functionality to all compromised systems. Ensure organizational security against potential assaults by achieving complete compliance.

Final Words

Handling a data breach might be a painful experience, but by taking the proper precautions, you can limit the damage intended to your organization. Getting prepared with advanced data security software might save you time and money in the near future.
As the world continues to grapple with the difficulties of a distributed workforce, VTPL is here to assist your business with the best Cyber Hygiene to suit your data security requirements. We collaborate to help you implement security protocols and data security solutions in Kolkata that follow industry best practices to effectively stop a data breach.
Our dedication to architecting IT infrastructure security begins at the core of your organization. That is why we integrate cyber security at the device, application, and network levels.

Stay Safe! Stay Protected !


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