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Cloud ComputingWritten By: Suman Kumar Paul

The worldwide cloud computing industry is expected to reach $623.3 billion by 2023. The cloud is the perfect technology for rapid implementation, extremely scalable, and adaptable networks.

It is a fantastic opportunity for enterprises looking to avoid large sunk expenses in infrastructure setup or phasing out old network components. Firms of all sizes have acknowledged the benefits of cloud computing and therefore have migrated all or part of their business to the cloud.
As we know Cloud technology is a shared resource with identity management facilities. It does incorporate privacy and access protocols.  However, there is always a scope of security glitches in cloud-based businesses.

Maintaining cyber security for holes across your operational network becomes a major priority for organizations, particularly in the wake of COVID-19, remote work, and operations.

Here Are The Top Benefits Of Implementing Cloud Security Solutions:

•    High Availability

One of the major reasons why companies seek reliable cloud security solutions is to ensure consistency. A perfect cloud computing security solution should include real-time assistance. It offers 24*7*365 live monitoring of company assets, and built-in redundancies to ensure that your website and services remain online and functional even in the case of a cyber-attack.

•    Cloud DDoS Protection

Traditional network architecture is structured on origin and backup servers, both of which can be instantly disrupted by DDoS attacks. These attacks can demand hours to days to neutralize, and during that time your services may be disrupted totally or partially, and your company may suffer serious financial and reputational losses. To maintain service continuity, you need to have managed hosting solutions and/or content delivery networks. It must include DDoS absorption features, as well as real-time tracking to detect and prevent/mitigate DDoS attacks.

•    Flexibility

The appropriate cloud computing solution for your organization provides real-time cyber security. Either you're encountering a spike from genuine traffic or a cyber-attack; the solution should give you adequate flexibility to eliminate server failures. It reduces unnecessary expenses during busy hours by up or downscaling the computing bandwidth. All our Cloud Security Solutions in Kolkata are vigorously tested under stressed conditions.

•    Data Security

Your cloud computing security solution's main goal is to ensure the security and privacy of your company's critical activities and transactions.
It should be capable of preventing third-party eavesdropping or manipulation of your data by deploying appropriate security protocols.

•    Regulatory Compliance

Digital commerce firms and financial establishments are also subjected to a higher level of the industry, governmental compliance, and regulatory inspections. With an appropriate Content Delivery Network, you can create a highly consistent architecture capable of continuously safeguarding the data of your customers.

•    Round The Clock Support

Moreover, the perfect cloud security solution for your company should be capable of reducing downtime to near zero. It offers appropriate and comprehensive customer assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with live monitoring. In the case of hardware failure, the provider must be equipped to supply you with backup copies of the lost data.

Wrapping Lines

Do you think your business needs a precise cloud security solution? Well to have the best security for websites and applications’ data with zero DDoS attacks you must consult VTPL for Managed cloud computing solutions. Our cloud computing solutions include security implementation to equip businesses with work flexibility. We customize Cloud Security Solutions in India to comply with global standards to address multiple requirements. 

So what are you waiting for? Get a completely secured operational environment to ensure long-term business stability with zero downtimes.

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