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IT Support & SecurityWritten By: Suman Kumar Paul

Cybersecurity has never been more important than it is today. As we spend more time online, we create and share more of our private data. And if this data falls into the wrong hands, confidential and financial information might be compromised.

Why is Cybersecurity important for business?

If you follow tech news, you might have noticed that companies are focusing more on privacy and cybersecurity. Big IT giants like Google and Facebook are also highlighting their privacy practices.

So handling data is what matters the most for businesses. But still, companies are facing multiple data breaches which affect both private and official data.

There are additional risks for a firm that has already experienced a data breach in the past. Businesses might suffer financially or incur additional legal issues, public relations, or insurance costs. A data leak can also harm a company’s intellectual property rights as well as credibility.

You must secure your data, whether you are an individual or a corporate leader. Improved cybersecurity measures can begin with small and concrete measures.

So, what can you do to protect the data and out of the hands of criminals?

If you're not sure where, to begin with, cyber security, here are the 10 best techniques to effectively safeguard your company's online security.

•    Have A Cyber-Risk Management Plan

Develop a cyber-risk management plan to facilitate your business to identify and prevent cyber security challenges.
All employees, vendors, and suppliers will have to understand how this risk management strategy functions. Your plan will have to improve in parallel with technological advancements and corporate challenges.

•    Ensure 'Secure Configuration'

Secure configuration refers to the security precautions that your company should implement while configuring and installing computers and networking devices. It's important to build a plan for removing or disabling unwanted features from systems, as well as efficiently fixing security flaws — automated patch management and software update solutions are two methods to excel.

•    Monitor All Networks, Systems, And Services

Robust monitoring of systems, services, and networks helps you to discover the security status of your organization. It allows you to check both the strengths and weaknesses of a network. For example – unusual network traffic from overseas networks or locations can be eliminated with proper monitoring techniques.

•    Protect Your Business From Malicious Software

Malicious software, commonly known as malware, contains viruses and ransomware.
In short, it is a code or data that may pose a danger to your IT systems by harming your company or causing the loss of important documents or records.
It is very important to train all your employees with the best security techniques to eliminate malware intrusion. The inclusion of strong antivirus can enhance the overall network strength.

•    Be Prepared For The Worst

Security breaches or data leaks are too common nowadays. As per UK Government Cyber Security Breaches Survey, almost 46% of the businesses suffered from cyber security attacks in the last 12 months. So it is important for a business to remain prepared for the worst. Investing in deploying strong policies and techniques helps in reducing cyber-attacks and other harmful consequences.

•    Keep Home And Remote Workers Secure

Working from home or remotely might bring additional problems, including the theft or loss of devices or confidential material.
You can prevent the above risk by encrypting all your official data. It not only secures the data from outsiders but also reduces financial risks and losses.
Implementing calculative techniques and regulations are more important nowadays. As employers are looking to deal with safer work from home infrastructure for their employees.

•    Ensure Network Security

Your workforce systems are exposed to cyber-attacks via cross-network connections. Your network security can be breached when you link your network with your business partner’s network. As a result, ensure that your network security is robust. By using firewalls, email security protocols, and antivirus software you can enhance the security level of your existing network.

•    Manage User Privileges

To reduce risk, just grant employees the minimum needed access to data, system permissions, and rights required for their job role. The above guarantees that if the account is mishandled or hacked, the impacts will be minimal.

•    Control Use Of USB Sticks, Mobiles, And 'Removable Media'

Anything that can be plugged into a computer, from a USB stick to a smartphone or tablet, is considered removable media. These are capable of storing and transmitting large amounts of data and information, some of which can be important or confidential. By utilizing these devices, data can potentially be misplaced; perhaps causing damage to your company's reputation, or harmful programs can be installed. So, design and execute guidelines and strategies to regulate the use of removable media, and make sure everyone is aware of them.

•    Educate Your Team

Your organization is equipped with robust cyber security but if you fail to educate your team then it’s of no use. There must be properly planned training for everyone to establish a security-conscious culture. It not only empowers your employees with the latest technologies but also eliminates the risk of recrimination.

Final Words

The above techniques help you with a smooth implementation of online security without hampering the workflow and productivity. However, there are much more things you can perform with your network but for that, you should hire security professionals. We offer our partners with best risk management tools and resources to reduce cyber risks, disruption, and financial loss. Feel free to contact us for comprehensive cyber security solutions.

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