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IT Support & SecurityWritten By: Suman Kumar Paul

A few years back, the vision of building a data center from the scratch appeared like a brilliant plan. Most emerging firms believe that owning in-premises data center services will provide them with more control across their IT Companies. Many firms have experienced the tough approach of attempting to create a data center from the scratch. Data centers are expensive, time-consuming, and hardly productive. 

To minimize financial damage because of an excessive IT investment, we have provided comprehensive explanations of some possible outcomes. 

Here are the top 5 reasons why building a data center from scratch is a bad idea. 

Highly Expensive 

Primarily, the cost of any size data center is too expensive if you aim to utilize the linked computational performance and storage to support clients. It is a typical "chicken or egg" problem: for clients to use your servers to store their data and execute their apps, you must first have the hardware up and running. 

However, investing in such technology requires clients that spend on data center services. The only way to break out of that loop is to spend "other" money. This incorporates capital raised from shareholders, bank funding, and revenue produced from other sources. Dedicating this cash to a data center is wasteful, especially if it could be spent on other valuable sections of your business. 

Not a Profitable Move 

You have undoubtedly heard the phrase that the moment you drive a car off the showroom, it loses one-third of its value. This is also applicable to any server or computing hardware and storage technologies. Racks and housings, in general, degrade faster than your server investment.  


If you invest in innovative technologies for your new data center today, it will be worth much less tomorrow—and this will depreciate more over time. Every three years, you will be experiencing countless technology updates, and you will be forced to sell your outdated hardware and reinvest a large amount on new updated hardware. 

Demands Excessive Resource 

Individuals who have never worked in a data center are unaware of the raw resources needed to keep the data center operations with maximum efficiency. You will require in-house network engineers on board to maintain not only hardware but also networking cables and other connected gear if anything goes wrong. 

Once you include the power requirements for the server architecture, as well as the air conditioning and circulation requirements to maintain systems working well, your electricity bill will be one of the largest cheques you pay each month. 

Buy It Twice 

What most organizations do not know when they start building a data center from the scratch is that they will be paying the amount twice for their data center. Suppose you have successfully estimated and developed a strategy to establish positive cash flow for your firm. If your calculations are correct (which may be due to unforeseeable factors), it will not make a difference. Because either of the two things mentioned below will emerge in the next three years. 

1st Case 

If you are blessed, your data center will be running at its max potential, which indicates you will have to develop and buy a new data center with new hardware while your current data center is still operational. You will be due for a hardware refresh at this stage, and you will need room for growth and modernization. 

What ? You planned to notify all your consumers that you were taking their requirements offline as you sold all the old hardware, brought in new hardware, configured everything, and relaunched your data center. If you felt constructing the first data center was challenging, wait until you need to create the second one and migrate everything over in a professional manner without disrupting the services to your customers. 

2nd Case 

The second scenario is that you will not be operating at maximum power, which indicates you will have to spend for replacing the technology that is not being used to its maximum potential. In practice, there are several high-profile cases of firms that have discovered themselves in this very situation. 

Availability of Better & Effective Options 

Luckily, businesses do not need to spend time and money developing a data center from the scratch. Today's economic ecosystem is constituted by various supply chains filled by firms specializing in one or a few specialist data center services. Data center management is no exception and collaborating with a reliable company that can supply and manages your data center services can help you stay ahead of the competition. 

There are a variety of solutions available for businesses that want the power of a comprehensive data center but are smart enough not to create their own. 

Businesses must consider the following reasons: 

  • Cloud service providers offer clients functional server and storage configurations, as well as high-level support and economical per-usage pricing. 
  • Consumers can rent hardware and software from existing data centers for all applications possible, including storage to service hosting. 
  • Colocation facilities provide architectures in which you bring your technology but utilize their bandwidth, electricity, workspace, and technological expertise to construct an exceptional solution that satisfies your requirements. 

Final Words 

To be precise to acquire trustworthy, effective data center services, you do not need to invest a hefty sum of money or go through the significant stress that accompanies building a data center from scratch. You can get a powerful server environment without the hassle of data center management by working with a company like VTPL. 

If you have discovered that you require extra computing performance or superior storage solutions but are not confident which one is perfect for you, contacting the professionals at Vareli Tecnac Pvt. Ltd. can be an excellent first step in figuring out the best data center solution in India for your business. 

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