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In a digitally fragmented world, quick decision-making is important for delivering accurate information when needed. So there is a need to revolutionize business functions with “Smart Operational Analytics” that integrate skills, technology, and insight to produce "wow" consumer experiences.

Businesses can obtain a better understanding of their market and performance using Business Intelligence tools and solutions. The best thing about BI is to help businesses to position themselves strategically to achieve a competitive edge.

Before picking business intelligence tools, evaluate the data architecture, analytical capabilities, real-time business intelligence, role-based accessibility, collaboration functionalities, deployment possibilities, interface responsiveness, and reporting capabilities.

Here are a few ways that business intelligence can aid you and your business.

•    Gain Customer Insights

Customer requirements are changing as market conditions evolve. So, businesses always look out for customer-centric solutions. As a result, there is a greater demand for built-in business information tools, such as CRM. It is a system that allows businesses to analyze how their consumers engage with the brand in real-time.
CRM solutions with reliable data can assist businesses in determining the best strategies to approach clients. It enables businesses to procure valuable consumer knowledge for transforming their business for the new-age customer experience.

•    Data-based Decision Making

Business intelligence integrates fragmented corporate data into a standardized and analyzable form, facilitating strategic decision-making. One can make knowledgeable business decisions and generate higher financial performance with a platform that maintains your corporate data centralized and updated.

•    Customized Sales Strategy

While interacting with a private organization, the sales and marketing team should use business intelligence technologies to understand the lead's business budget, turnover, future development goals, sales data, and other relevant figures. Based on the research data, the sales team can create a highly personalized and detailed sales proposal, maximizing your possibility of closing the deal.

•    Enhance Market Intelligence

Marketing intelligence can be gathered with the use of business intelligence tools. Business intelligence technologies, on the other hand, can support businesses in effectively analyzing data such as purchase patterns, identifying consumer insights, forecasting market dynamics, and monitoring the behavior of customers. Businesses get more responsive to market changes when this data is available in a centralized location, allowing them to plan their production facility.

•    Determine Your Marketing ROI

Business intelligence can assist your firm in calculating the ROI of its marketing campaigns such as email, social media, applications, AdWord campaigns, and analytics. One can decide what is effective for your business by using the BI's generated analytical reports based on facts and data. With the market data compiled by business intelligence analytics, one can discover unsuccessful marketing methods, discard them, and revise your advertising budget. One can also identify the strategies that produce the best performance and concentrate on them for business growth.

Our Suite of Business Intelligence and Smart Analytics Solutions

•    Advanced Analytics

Analytics is the mechanism for creating significant, quantifiable, and long-term enhancement in your business's decision and agility. Our business intelligence, performance evaluation, and predictive and risk analytics solutions are developed on industrial insights, years of professional experience, and insights gained from previous successful deployments.

•    Data Management

Employing our data management method, you can achieve quicker, highly flexible, and reliable data unification, accountability, and integrity by managing the whole operation from data collecting and storing to information delivery.

•    Big Data

Harnessing and making sense of a massive volume of data necessitates the development of strong platforms that enable businesses to explore, interpret, analyze and deploy it for their benefit. With our comprehensive BI solutions, we help your business to remain competitive and innovative by adapting and strengthening individuals, processes, and technology to embrace the facts of a data-driven world.

•    Data Visualization

We combine all necessary data and systems into comprehensive visual dashboards, resulting in a 360-degree overview of analytical results that allows businesses to uncover meaningful factors and execute smarter decisions daily.


Thanks to continuous technological growth, businesses today collect and store a lot of data. If not well utilized, the data can become a burden and an expense for a business.

At VTPL, we are revolutionizing business operations using data visualization, analytics, applied intelligence, and data to strengthen your company's intelligence engine. Consider investing in business intelligence solutions and stay updated with trends and projections to get improved returns.

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