Top 5 Tips for Managing Your Fuel Costs

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Tracking SolutionWritten By: Suman Kumar Paul

Rising fuel costs emphasize the importance of squeezing an extra kilometer out of a liter of fuel. Whether you possess just a few business vehicles or dozens, incorporating reasonable advancements to your operations and driving will help you save money on fuel.

The best technique to reduce fuel consumption is to drive less, but for most organizations, this is not always practicable. Minor adjustments, such as minimizing additional load in a vehicle or keeping windows rolled up can make substantial differences in fuel economy.

Here are a few clever tactics to improve your company's operations and get impressive results.

•    Reduce Irresponsible Driving Habits

Reaching a destination on schedule is essential in the transportation industry, but it does not have to necessitate excessive fuel use. While using GPS to track your fleet, you can analyze inefficient driving patterns like speeding and sudden acceleration. Speeding notifications are simple to set up on the application, and you can receive messages when vehicles exceed the maximum speeding limits.

•    Minimizing Engine Idling Time

Idling might consume a large volume of fuel. Sometimes fleet drivers park with their vehicles running; the fuel burns out without doing anything helpful for the firm. By analyzing which drivers have the greatest percentages of idling and aiming forward towards an objective to minimize the amount, GPS-based fuel tracking systems can assist minimize idling by at least 20%. Defining a customized limit for the length of time permitted for idling also aids in reducing idling. An alert can be triggered if a driver crosses that limit.

•    Efficient Route Mapping

Roads that take you out of your way to get to your destination might waste a lot of fuel. While commuting to a work location, mapping out the shortest, best economical routes assist to save fuel use. Effectively monitor routes with a GPS monitoring solution so that your drivers reach on time and consume minimal fuel.

•    Limit Excessive Speeding

Reduced speed is perhaps the simplest of the fuel-saving techniques to execute. As per research a vehicle moving at 120 kmph consumes 27% more fuel than a vehicle operating at 100 kmph. That's a huge drop in fuel consumption. By driver self-coaching, businesses can inform and educate their drivers to slow down and control overall kmpl by integrating GPS and Fuel telematics solutions.

Keeping a close watch on the speedometer is undoubtedly the most evident method your drivers can improve their fuel economy. Other advantages of slow driving include driver and cargo safety.

•    Carry Out Routine Repair And Maintenance

It might seem simple; prioritizing regular maintenance can help save money on fleet fuel. Automobile service boosts mileage by guaranteeing that all components work correctly and effectively. It also detects and corrects problems before they impede fuel efficiency.

As per research, activities like examining and replacing vehicles' tires can increase fuel economy by up to 3%. It is therefore important to ensure that the engines in your automobiles work properly. A defective engine will never achieve its maximum fuel economy, resulting in poor mileage.

•    Use the Recommended Engine Oils Grade

According to Reports, choose engine oil that meets your automobile maker's criteria and certification standards, and then change your lubricating oil as per manufacturer guidelines. According to the US Department of Energy, users can boost the fuel economy by 1% to 2%.

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