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IT Support & SecurityWritten By: Suman Kumar Paul

Emails have acquired a key position in modern corporate communication. They are perhaps the most extensively used communication channels today at a minimal cost. Email is used by every business, from IT and BPO to health care, finance, and tourism.

The harsh reality is that emails are one of the primary causes of today's cyber-attacks such as phishing, spear phishing, URL spoofing, installing malicious files and scripts, Trojans, and many more.These malicious emails are crafted by cybercriminals to appear harmless, but they can do serious damage to an organization once a victim clicks on the email's content. As cyber-attacks are unavoidable nowadays, taking precautions in safeguarding your data might help you avoid being a victim of one.

Here we will be explaining some of the methods for minimizing the risks posed by malicious emails to improve digital security.

•    Use Of End-To-End Encryption for Email Protection

Sending emails without encrypting them allows a foreign entity to access private conversations between members of your company. End-to-end encryption is a method that secures all data before sending it to a server with an encryption key that the server does not have. Whenever there is a theft at the server level, encryption helps to safeguard your emails from data breaches.

•    Educate Your Employees

Hackers create harmful emails that appear to be normal by employing various social engineering, phishing, and URL spoofing tactics. These malicious emails contain infected attachments and links which, if viewed or clicked, can result in serious security breaches. When you educate your staff and introduce them to such attacks, you protect your company against cyber-attacks. Replicating fake attacks teaches your staff how to avoid becoming victims of email attacks such as phishing etc.

•    Secure The Implementation From The Beginning

Try detecting phishing emails at the source level before they approach employees' mailboxes by using the best possible spam filtering algorithms.
The technology evaluates with high-level email authentication norms such as Sender Policy Framework (SPF) and Domain Keys Identified Mail (DKIM) before sending/forwarding emails. This early filtration might prevent you from multiple attacks at the base itself. Also, before deploying any email filtering system in your firm, you should evaluate its reliability to safeguard the transfer of information.

•    Restrict Administrator Privileges

As end-to-end encryption aids in the minimization of breaches at the server level, it may not provide any security for communications that occur at the administration stage. Insider threats, such as targeted hacking via phishing operations, can readily compromise an administrator account secured with traditional security protocols. Restricting administrator account rights can reduce threats and protect the email security implementation from unauthorized third-party involvement.

•    Do not Download Suspicious Email Attachments

Restrict downloading PDFs, Word documents, ZIP files that come attached from suspicious sources by blocking access to such sources. Downloading such documents is nothing but letting in intruders. Email-based cyber-attacks are getting more common. Hackers are continuously coming up with new techniques to breach security systems. The majority of breaches that have occurred so far have as a result of people clicking on malicious emails.

•    Password Management

Enforcing initial security standards for passwords will mitigate random email hacks. Moreover, this technique eliminates the risk of brute force attacks. So we always recommend our readers and clients to not use vendor-supplied passwords.

Final Words

As we know there is always a need to safeguard your sensitive data by securing your emails and taking continual efforts to eliminate email-based risks to protect your firm. It is not only but also our job as an email security provider, to safeguard the data of our clients who put their faith in us.

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