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Mining SolutionWritten By: Suman Kumar Paul

INTERNATIONAL MINING & MACHINERY EXHIBITION 2022 brings together the most significant people in the mining industry to share ideas, inspire, and serve as a meeting ground for the industry. From innovative technologies to world-class data, the exhibition is a dynamic presentation of everything that makes the mining sector wonderful. 

India is the world's third-largest producer of coal, edging only China and the United States, and the largest producer of mica blocks and mica splitting. It also ranks third in crude steel production, fourth in chromite and iron ore production, fifth in aluminum production, sixth in manganese ore production, and seventh in bauxite production. CII, India's Premier Industry Association, and Largest Exhibition organizer is organizing the 16th edition of the International Mining and Machinery Exhibition (IMME) - India's only targeted fair for the Mining Industry - will be held from November 16 to 19, 2022 in Rajarhat, Kolkata, India. 

IMME 2022 will feature the most modern and wide variety of mining machinery, equipment, innovative technological solutions, services, and supplies from India and across the world. Since its debut in 1984, IMME has evolved into the largest mining exhibition, bringing together the segment's key players and driving the advancement of India's mining industry. 


The Global Mining Summit (GMS) is the cornerstone project being held in conjunction with the International Mining Machinery Exhibition. Global Mining Summit has evolved into a key platform for the mining community throughout the years. As the flagship initiative of the CII National Committee on Mining, it brings together important policymakers, mining experts, consultants, and key industry professionals to discuss vital problems affecting the sector. This idea of cross-pollination resulted in the formation of a shared agenda for the sector to follow that is aligned with evolving global needs. 

VTPL – Partnerships in Practice 

At VTPL, we do not just tell clients we will partner with them. We walk the talk and do it in practice. For more than 20 years at VTPL, we have lived by this philosophy – “To work together with our clients”, to enhance productivity with innovative and effective solutions. Our collaborative approach has earned us the trust of clients in the mineral processing and materials handling industry, across the globe. Clients consider us to be true partners, invested in a shared destiny. 

Since the beginning, our belief in working together has distinguished us from completion. The endeavor has been to understand our customer's business and deliver comprehensive solutions that enhance performance and minimize downtime.  

At VTPL, our collaborative approach is a simple 4 -step process that creates value for our customers: 

  • Auditing the process 
  • Analyzing the data 
  • Customizing the solution and 
  • Delivering it on time with the help of our engineering capabilities 

Why VTPL @ IMME -2022 is a Must Attend 

  • Gain exclusive access to the mining industry’s key leaders 

Build relationships with the largest and most established corporations in mining and simulations, providing you with an unrivaled opportunity to initiate business with CEOs and decisions –makers 

  • Experience the simulated mining demo at our booth 

We stand out as India's one of the top integrators of mining equipment simulators, has deployed solutions across multiple Indian mines and our team collaborates with mining projects and product manufacturers to overcome real-world mining problems in areas such as safety, productivity, reactive maintenance, and skilled workforce availability. 

  • Join high-level conversations 

Gain critical insights and actionable advice from our bespoke lineup of high-profile CEOs, leaders, and policymakers as they debate the future of mining. 

  • Understand the mining topics that matter most 

Join key debates and discussions in person to discover how the mining industry will overcome some of its biggest challenges in the face of a turbulent geopolitical landscape and the increasing pressure to shift to a low-carbon economy. 

  • Hear from senior VTPL Mining Experts 

We bring our world-class mining products and solutions to life on stage. All demo sessions are expertly moderated by our mining experts to cut through the jargon and expose real opinions. 

  • Meet with Senior Mining industry officials during popular networking breaks 

Kick-start business activity by scheduling meetings and customized demos to build and strengthen your relationships. You will also have the opportunity to develop networks across the mining industry 

International Green Revolution Mining 

The transition to a low-carbon economy would not be possible without mining, however at present levels of investment, the world will be unable to produce the massive amounts of metals and minerals required to meet the climate change goals. To remedy this, investors and governments will need to interact with the sector, which will need to demonstrate the ability to mine effectively by reducing carbon emissions, and water consumption, and producing a positive value to society. Simultaneously, new geopolitical realities threaten to compel a worldwide restructuring of commodity extraction, distribution, and consumption, with far-reaching ramifications for the mining sector. 

IMME 2022 – A mining Experience to Remember 

The INTERNATIONAL MINING & MACHINERY EXHIBITION 2022 offers a rare opportunity to connect with the most influential and critical individuals in the mining industry. Join the exclusive VTPL in-person community to: 

  • Meet some of the most hard-to-contact people in the mining sector, including CEOs, C-suite miners, investors, and key policymakers 
  • Grow your contact base and extract the best mining strategies 
  • Test ideas, find inspiration, and equip yourself with actionable takeaways for mining success 

Are you interested in attending the mining revolution? Bring your team to maximize your in-person learning and mining experience.
Contact info@vareli.co.in for more details. 

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