What are the Risks of Not Having a Fleet Tracking Solution?

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Tracking SolutionWritten By: Suman Kumar Paul

Deploying drivers out in the field involves multiple risks that most fleet managers encounter daily. Implementing a fleet-wide safety strategy is one method to decrease liability and promote safe and reliable driving behaviors, but understanding how your drivers behave on the road is the most effective tactic for lowering your fleet's risk. 

GPS monitoring systems serve as your eyes on the road, gathering precise, real-time driving patterns and vehicle utilization data such as vehicle positions, speed, and direction of movement, including stoppage/idling information. When vehicles are not tracked, fleet managers remain unaware of hazardous and unproductive driving patterns, making it extremely difficult to find possibilities to decrease operational expenses and boost revenue. 

Top risks of not supervising your drivers in the field with tracking solution: 

1st Risk – Fuel Overspending 

Vehicle tracking can assist fleet managers in reducing their fleet's overall fuel usage by up to 20%. Real-time notifications for inefficient driving behaviors like speeding, prolonged idling, and unauthorized usage, as well as thorough data like the inactivity report, make it simpler for fleet managers to eradicate unproductive driving practices and, as a result, dramatically lower their fleet's fuel expenses. 

2nd Risk – Revenue Loss 

Not tracking your drivers restricts your potential to efficiently route and dispatch your vehicles; you may not be able to serve as many consumers on a regular basis. GPS monitoring can significantly enhance your fleet's efficiency by simplifying dispatching and assisting fleet managers in identifying possibilities to streamline routes, which equals more money in your pocket. 

3rd Risk – More Vehicle Breakdowns 

Manually tracking regular and proactive maintenance plans for each vehicle in your fleet is time demanding and prone to mistakes. With a GPS monitoring device, you can automate existing vehicle maintenance strategies and generate notifications when maintenance is scheduled, resulting in reduced unplanned and needless breakdowns. 

4th Risk – Theft 

It is impossible for a fleet manager to track their stolen vehicle if not fitted with integrated GPS vehicle tracking device. GPS tracking technologies are excellent theft barriers. GPS tracking systems give real-time position tracking details that can allow you quickly detect your stolen vehicle or equipment in the case of theft, in addition it delivers real-time notifications against illegal usage, including fuel theft, engine idling or if your vehicles escape a predefined geographic region. 

5th Risk – Unauthorized Use 

Fleet Managers with Advance Vehicle GPS monitoring allows easy and quick drive behavior tracking for safety compliance. Real-time vehicle tracking eliminates all illegal vehicle usage, simplifies better vehicle health monitoring and effective management of fuel consumption with on time notifications/alerts. 

6th Risk – Dissatisfied Customers 

Poorly planned routes and inefficient dispatching potentially leave customers in a position with no technical support. With a GPS monitoring system, businesses can give precise Estimated Time of Arrivals (ETAs) to their consumers, letting them know when they can expect a service. 

By deploying the most efficient vehicle, fleet managers can also enhance their fleet's responsiveness. This can help in improving the relationship with your consumers, particularly if you receive an unforeseen or unplanned maintenance request. 

Time to Minimize Your Risk 

When you do not know how your drivers operate in the field, you expose your fleet to a variety of risks, including fuel overspending and higher vehicle breakdowns. Using a GPS Vehicle Tracking solution to monitor your vehicles can decrease the risk of squandering time and money, enhance driver safety, and sometimes even assist your business to provide superior service to more consumers each day. 

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