Data CenterDecrease Operational Cost, Increase Efficiency, Ensure Instant Scalability and Have State-Of-The-Art Infrastructure at Fingertip with Cost-Effective, Scalable and Secured Data Center Solution


A well-built secure system keeps all encrypted data and information, safe from foreign accessibility and cyber-crimes.

Optimal Cost

Various data centers and service models are available, giving organizations viable options for maximum cost effectiveness.

Analysis and Predictability

Thorough performance and efficiency analysis of the Data centers allow for the prediction of unforeseen risks and errors.

Streamlined Solutions

A vast array of intelligent rack solutions for improving the management and maintenance of critical IT equipment, to ensure increased efficiency and uptime.


A data center that is smart and dynamic with cloud applications and desktop virtualization facilities.

Data Integrity

A major benefit of a Data Center is that it maintains data integrity. In other words, data is stored and retrieved exactly as it was received.


Having been maintaining out Data Center for the last 10 years, Vareli Tecnac came up with an efficient and cost-effective solution for our issues. Their infrastructure and migration services ensured that our IT costs went down a notch. Their post GST audit of our billing application was exceptionally professional and effective. I wish them all the luck in their future endeavours.

R K SharmaGeneral Manager-IT