Office 365 : A Guide to the Updates

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A stable and reliable office suite of email, calendar, word processor, and spreadsheet plays an important role in enhancing workforce productivity. But as the enterprise workforce has become more mobile, the basic productivity toolset has had to adapt and change to match new requirements.

This is why Microsoft upgraded Office 365 to be a mobile collaborative framework platform capable of completing tasks wherever and whenever needed.

Office 365 updates offer customers the latest functionalities, security fixes, and bug fixes. These upgrades are necessary to keep your Office programs working smoothly. This guide includes all the information you need to know about Microsoft Office 365 updates.

What are Office 365 Updates?

Office 365 is an online subscription service that provides access to all Office apps such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneDrive, and more. An office is a productivity software that allows you to save all of your data in the cloud and access it from any computer or mobile device.

We all know that to achieve the maximum performance out of an application, we must keep it up-to-date by updating it whenever a new version is released. Thus, you may either manually install Office 365 updates or use an automated technique to install the latest Office 365 updates.

How to check for the latest updates of Office 365 and install them?

To check for the latest updates of Office 365, follow the steps given below:

•    Open any Office app that you want to update.
•    Open a Blank document.
•    Click on File.
•    Towards the left, you'll find the Account option. Click on it.
•    You'll find About (Office app name). This section gives you details on the current version that you're using.

How to install Office 365 Updates by enabling updates?

This technique is just for users who can't find the “Update Now” option in the “Update Options” drop-down menu. Follow the given steps to understand how to install the latest Office 365 updates by enabling updates:

•    Open the Office app that you want to update.
•    Once you open the application, open a Blank document.
•    Go to File.
•    Click on the Account option which is listed on the left.
•    You'll find the Update Options drop-down menu. Click on it and select Enable Updates option.

How to Turn on Office 365 Automatic Updates?

To set up automatic updates in Office 365, this method is the easiest one.

To check whether automatic updates are available, go to File > Account in Word, Excel, or Powerpoint and search for the text "Updates are automatically downloaded and installed.

In case if you can’t find the above text then your product will not receive updates. To get it done you have to enable the “Automatic Update” feature.

You can activate automatic updates by following these steps below:

•    Start Word, Excel, or PowerPoint
•    Click on File
•    Select Account (or Office Account if you’re using Outlook)
•    Select Update Options>Enable Updates 
•    Select “Yes” when asked whether you want to Microsoft Office make changes to your computer

The Final Update

Office 365 updates equip you with up-to-date applications that include bug fixes and new features. You can tune the update settings based on your requirements, as well as the frequency with which you receive updates.

The updating mechanism can be configured using multiple techniques. Unofficial Office 365 upgrading techniques escalate security flaws that might cause a risk to your data. As a result, it is strongly advised that you back up your data before updating security patches.

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